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  • Working without being paid

    The wall separating United States from México. Donald Trump said México would pay for it. Mexico said, no way. Now Trump needs 5 billion dollars and is having trouble getting that amount. Now he has partially closed down government. Now many government employees are expected to work without pay. How do these people expect to live, pay bills, food for their families,etc with no pay check’s? I wonder. Many of these government employees are being force to work without pay. Their seems to be nowhere in sight as to when this will end. What a mess Trump has created.
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    Shutdowns are nothing new in the US, it's happened many times before, it's almost an occupational hazard of the public sector.


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      In Derick’s response about federal employees in the U.S. being ordered to work and not get paid, knowing the attitude of Donald Trump, nothing surprises me. Here in Toronto it is advised that travelers flying out of Toronto to the U.S. arrive 3 hours before departure. U.S. customs personal process you before boarding your flight to the U.S., here in Toronto. I think U.S. customs have personal at Shannon airport in Ireland, doing the same procedure, concerning passengers traveling to U.S. destinations.
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        Give them food stamps, until things improve


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          A quick search online will reveal some of the things that Trump said in the past about Government Shutdowns. I hope he can remember them too.


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            Originally posted by StoneAgeMan View Post
            A quick search online will reveal some of the things that Trump said in the past about Government Shutdowns. I hope he can remember them too.
            He chooses not to remember or to subsequently deny most things he says.
            Such as getting Mexico to pay for the wall.

            Extracts from Washington Post, Jan.10
            by David Nakamura

            It was a foundational promise of Donald Trump’s historic presidential campaign: Mexico would pay for his 2,000-mile border wall. But as he desperately fights for $5.7 billion in taxpayer money for the project, Trump now claims he never said Mexico would directly foot the bill.

            “Obviously, I never said this, and I never meant they’re going to write out a check,” the president told reporters Thursday at the White House.

            He did say it — at least 212 times during his campaign and dozens more since he took office. And he put it in writing — in a March 2016 memo to news outlets that was then posted on his campaign website.

            Trump has been promising that Mexico would pay for a wall since before he was a candidate for the White House, and the vow figured prominently in his June 16, 2015, campaign announcement.

            “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border,” he declared that day at Trump Tower in New York. “And I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”