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  • Non dairy creames

    Go into any supermarket, Walmart, food specialty stores and you will probably see a section of non dairy creamers for use in coffee or tea. I, myself, prefere, in my tea, milk. As for coffee, I will use the non dairy creamers. Are they safe, numerous articles have appeared in the news publications concerning these creamers. If you have any concern about these creamers, consult your doctor. Creamers are sold in powder and liquid forms.

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    Hi, being a vegan I have non dairy everything and really enjoy the products. There is an excellent pouring cream alternative which is lovely. I have non dairy ice cream as well.


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      I, myself use non dairy creamers for my coffee. I use the powder form. What I usually do is make my own style creamer. Consisting of milk powder and non dairy creamer powder. Non dairy creamers come in many flavours. Which brands do I buy? Generally I will buy the major brands. A bit more in price, but better flavour from them.