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Petro lines at the filling stations in 1972

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  • Petro lines at the filling stations in 1972

    Remember those lines trying to fill up your tank. Rumours circulated that by the year 2000 the world would run out of fuel. Prices skyrocketed. Long lines at the filling stations. Well, here it is 2019, the word is plush with plenty of fuel for your auto. Since then, manufacturers have produced energy efficient auto’s., electric cars, hybrids. Was their a fuel shortage, or just an excuse to raise the price ? Quite often, departing executives from the petro firms usually end up with million dollars bonuses. Government here, tack on to each gallon of fuel sold, quite a few state and federal taxes.

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    Here in Britain, in 1979,the year I passed my test, I can recall queuing up to obtain fuel, there was always on-off fuel shortages through the decade. plus there was the one in 2000, I had to curtail my holiday as fuel tanker drivers were blockading the refineries, about September time as I recall, had just enough to get home.......

    From what I've read, there is more more oil in the Earth (literally), these days, then there ever was !........