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    New telly sets are now transmitting these pictures. New blue ray players can play 4K Ultra HD DVD’s. Is it worth the extra cost to purchase the DVD’s ? The picture quality! I purchase a new blue ray player, capable of playing 4K Ulltra HD DVD’s. I did notice a difference in the quality of pictures. But, I am satisfied of the regular blue ray quality picture. I have no intention of spending money on trying to replace my current DVD’s with 4K Ultra HD discs. As time goes by, the cost will drop.

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    There may be a technical difference discernable with very sensitive instruments, but if your (or anyone else's) eyes can't detect the difference, then you do have to wonder if it's really worth it



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      Put it this way, a full HD picture is 1080p, and a panel has about 2m pixels. A 4k /UHD panel (essentially they mean the same thing now) has 8m pixels. So, the definition is 4 times that of full HD. SD PAL displays had 576 pixels, rather than 1080, so they had perhaps a quarter of the pixels of an HD display.

      In short, try watching an SD picture next to an HD one - it will look a lot better. And then try watching an HD picture next to a 4K one - again, the same thing - a bit better. And 4k is what you are watching when you go to the cinema - try watching an HD film on the same screen. You probably wouldnt.

      Since I was selling 4k Tvs today, and even 8k sets if possible, I can see the cleqr difference between SD and HD on a 4K set, and if you see SD, HD and 4k next to each other on a 4k display, which we had the chance to during the Wimbledon Mens final (the BBC were streaming it in 4K), there was a difference. Remember that a 4K TV is actually pretty good at upscaling an HD source, but once you compared HD and 4K, the HD did start to look a bit fuzzy...relatively speaking.

      everyone says you cant see the difference, but 4k is better - you can start to see the extra detail even when its just filmed in 4k - thats stuff like Bl7e Planet 2, etc. And of course you get HDR, etc.

      A 4K set is standard - I can only supply customers with two 43in HD TV sets - everything else is 4K, and frankly, they move an HD picture rather better than the HD ones - manufacturers are reallg not that interested in HD sets , and so they will Okish. If you want a better picture, then its 4K all the way - and OLED is lovely.

      . And frankly, they often cheaper than the two HD sets. I sold a perfectly decently solid 55in LG for £450 today, with all the wifi, smart features, etc. Its not as a good a picture as more expensive TVs, but its a decent set, and processes fairly well.

      you can buy a 4K player (about a £130), which will play everything you can throw at it. But Panasonic do a solid 4k upscaling bou ray one (lacks wifi, etc) for £79. 4k disks will look slightly beter than 4k streaming, in the same way that blu rays simpky have more detail normally than streaming, but its not that much of a big deal. A lot of my customers stream movies rather than use disks now anyway, and thats very easy. And its vastly easier to stream 4k content - Amazon prime has a load of stuff to rent or buy, including Rocketman and Lawrence of Arabia (essentially, thats 35mm quality in your living room..), and looking at Jack Ryan (season 2 is really good so far), and Good Omens (ditto), both can be watched in 4k.

      Netflix will make their content in 4k, although they may charge more for that spec., and I understand thst Rueken(?) Has some 8k content.
      Reaity is that DVDs are SD, Blu Ray is HD, and 4k is 4k. The market is moving, although strangely vast amount of SD content is around, even though you couldnt buy an SD display for about 14 years, HD blu rays havnt had the market penetration you would expect, although HD content istelf is perfectly standard on streaming, and 4K streaming will likely be the main way of watching 4K content, not discs.

      You pays your money. But I can certainky say that watching Blade runner in 4k is a bit better than in HD, which is certainly better than SD.
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        Btw - i am typing on a tablet, which hopefully explains the spelling errors..
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