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George Romero RIP

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  • George Romero RIP

    The forum software has done wonders for this thread.

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    Night of the Living Dead deserves its reputation as a seminal work and unlike Toby Hooper, who seems to have wilfully deconstructed his career, Romero went on to direct a number of significant films, notably, for me anyway, Martin (1977). I think it's a shame that so many of his later movies were just rehashing earlier successes, I think there was another great film in him, if he been given the chance.


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      I'd include Monkey Shines in that, an underrated film


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        The Guardian obituary



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          iinfluential director in more ways than one , i will remember him for pricking my sheltered bubble with cult b-movie oddities like Knightriders (1980) shown on bbc2 moviedrome , as much as for critically & commerically acclaimed living dead (68) . the zombie movies were good business decisions with showcasing special effects , He should mainly be remebered for an ethusiasm for genre film making and good business sense .
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            I interviewed him a few years back, really nice fellow. He said that doing zombie movies was both a blessing and a curse in that all he could get financed were zombie movies but at least he had creative control and could use the films to deliver some satire. He said he would have really liked to have done a Tarzan movie. I'd have paid to have seen that.
            RIP, George.


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              Backstory regarding the casting of Romero's Living Dead to be found on the last 10 mins (approx) of this heard-by-chance programme here


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                It is a real shame he lost the rights to Night of the Living Dead due to his lack of knowledge when it came to distribution deals