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  • The Film Programme

    A letter in today's Observer is questioning the BBC's decision to axe The Film Programme, which has been running for 17 years.

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    I thought the Film Programme had been around even longer tha that.
    i suspect its one of those sacred cows decisions, which hets reversed pretty quickly. I am reading a now relatively old history of R4, and the BBC does this - people complain, yhe good stuff becomes beloved and everyone forgets about the rubbish.

    if there wasnt a film called The Film Programme, you would have go invent one. If they do something that stupid, even less reason for me to listen.

    does remind me of the story abouy a new gungho executive who wanted fo kill off The Sky at Night. And was told that he would probably go before the programme did. And thats exactly what happened.


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      News on the replacement for The Film Programme