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Dave Allen: Goodnight ...

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  • Dave Allen: Goodnight ...

    ... and May Your God Go With You.

    Nice documentary presented by Ed Byrne on Radio 4 at the moment. Was he really considered for James Bond? It also features our own Graham McCann, author of "The Essential Dave Allen" (and "Spike and Co" etc etc). I say "our own" because he's the cousin of someone on here, isn't he?

    Worth a hour of anyone's time, I think.

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    It was on Saturday at 23:00 on BBC Radio 4 Extra
    Repeated on Sun 22 Mar 2015 at 20:00

    BBC Radio 4 Extra is very different to the real BBC Radio 4
    I don't see it on at the moment on Radio 4 or on Radio 4 Extra



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      Seaton and Steve,
      Listening to this now. Even the introduction is brilliant!
      Here is the link :
      Ed Byrne examines the life, career and unique comic legacy of Dave Allen.


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        Thanks for the link. Yes, it is great fun and brought back some happy memories.


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          An enjoyable and absorbing hour well spent exploring the life and career of a very gifted and intriguing personality.

          My thanks to Seaton for alerting me to this and to Edward G for the direct link...when originally broadcast, I only caught the end of it ( rather like Dave and his finger!)

          I remember years ago reading somewhere that the prosthetic masks of the Draconians - a race of aliens from Jon Petwee-era Doctor Who - were cast from a mould of Dave Allen's own face!


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            This is wonderful. it re-collects my memories of fun, study, everything which were we doing at that time. A big Thanks for this.
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