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Ian La Frenais on the Danny Baker Show

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  • Ian La Frenais on the Danny Baker Show

    As the title suggests ...

    Last Saturday's Danny Baker Show (09.03.19) on BBC 5 Live featured a friendly and relaxed interview with Ian La Frenais. Baker begins with the "top layer of the chocolate box" clip from the feature film, which is class.

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    Hmmmm...something of an irresistible force vs immovable object smack about this to me.

    My admiration of La Frenais is prodigious. Unfortunately it is at least matched in scale by my revulsion towards Da... sorry, can't even bring myself to utter the talentless, opinionated gobshite's name.

    Maybe if Dick Clement had turned up it might have tipped the balance.

    It no doubt entertained many.

    I'll never be one of them.


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      Blimey! Something we disagree on! Having said that, I can easily see how people might find Baker (or "B***r" if you prefer) unbearable. He recently referred to Donovan as having a "robust ego", and I think the same can b said of him. He is so abslutely confident that it drives some people mad. I couldn't bear his persona in the 80s or the 0s (having enjoyed his journalism in the NME in the 70s) but I'm now a regular listener to his Saturday morning show, and I like it. And having said that, he is great friends with the awful, vain and nasty Chis Evans, so you may be right.
      I like the show, though.
      And you're not missing any great insights in the interview, but it's nice to hear La Frenais and to hear B***r as fanboy.


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        I’ve seen Danny Baker live a couple of times now and can honestly say they were two of the funniest nights out I’ve ever had. He’s an absolute genius in my eyes but I can see that he’s very much a Marmite character.


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          I would take Tonch's judgement over Danny Baker's any day of the week, but I have to take issue with the phrase "talentless, opinionated gobshite", Because I think "talentless" is unfair.


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            Never had a problem with Baker. He’s certainly brash and opinionated but always worth listening to.


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              There's a loud smugness about DB which (to me) proclaims: "I've got great, richly diverse, funny interests and the things I like, I like better than you do and to a depth you hadn't thought of!"

              Talentless? I stand by it because I see him as a DJ rather than a broadcaster or journalist and DJs generally are glorified fanboys who can play records and talk in between them which I and every friend I had at the time could do when I was fourteen. I recall being disgusted when my mate got the Radio 1 DJs calendar in the Seventies... "But they're not stars" I reasoned "They play the records of stars and try and rub shoulders with them and get into their orbit because they wish they had talent and were stars themselves". The only DJ I've ever held in awe was Kenny Everett, who for me was nearing that overused epithet of genius and DB has never been fit to lace his boots.

              Several years ago I found myself on a long car journey and flicking on the radio a McCartney track was playing so my interest was piqued until it ended and I realised "he" was hosting the show...before I could reach the off button old gobshite gigglingly said he had someone on the line, so I decided to keep listening. Can't recall the point of their conversation now - this caller was a member of Joe Public - but the call quickly turned to radio hosting and an irritated DB tried to put this guy on the spot and, smirking, handed the airwaves over to him "for a minute"....

              The caller was a natural. He hit the ground running and a rather funny anecdote (sorry, too many years ago now to remember the details) promptly unfolded, peppered with a few barbs about "how easy this presenting malarkey is" and pointing out how even easier it would be if he'd had time to prepare, had a fabulous record collection at his fingertips, was earning a fat salary sat in a warm studio and had been trained which knob (that bit I DO remember: "You know, D*nny....KNOB" the bloke chuckled) to press. DB swiftly returned to interrupt this easy, amusing flow of chat and I could tell he was seething, making some waspish remark about him having his minute of fame and cutting him off. Egg on the twat's face I thought gleefully.

              Just as he said "So now.." I took great delight in turning the radio off.


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                Brilliant post, Tonch. I don't agree about DB in general, but the post's an excellent read. And thinking about it, I think I may have avoided him years back for the same reasons. I find him quite mellow now. Vain and self congratulatory, but never nasty.

                Still, what a world it'd be if everybody agreed about everything.

                Having said that (favourite phrase) I agree 100% about Kenny Everett. I wish he was still around. I wish he'd left more stuff. God, I'd love him to have some late-ish night music show playing anything he wanted and chatting away ... can you imagine how enjoyable that would be?

                Dead at 51, twenty-fourth anniversary of his death in about three weeks. What a loss..


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                  On BBC Radio 3 on 27/03/209 at 22:00 GMT




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                    What a pratt



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                      Originally posted by Tonch View Post
                      Yes & a prize one at that!
                      What the hell was he thinking about tweeting garbage like that?


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                        Originally posted by Tonch View Post
                        I somehow don't fancy his chances in the New Years Honours List.


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                          Originally posted by Tonch View Post
                          "Would have used same stupid pic for any other Royal birth or Boris Johnson kid or even one of my own. It's a funny image. (Though not of course in that context.) Enormous mistake,

                          I think the BBC were the real 'pratts' here as..........................

                          "[It] took a tone that said I actually meant that ridiculous tweet and the BBC must uphold blah blah blah," he added. "Literally threw me under the bus. Could hear the suits' knees knocking."

                          Watch his video response here and it all makes sense.

                          Last edited by Metro1962; 9th May 2019, 06:11 PM.


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                            Everyone who ever tweets deserves to be thrown under that same bus ... literally

                            ​​​​​​ Steve


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                              Originally posted by Metro1962 View Post

                              Watch his video response here and it all makes sense.

                              Makes sense of the fact he's not only a pratt, but a foul-mouthed, unfunny one at that.

                              I saw the full clip on the TV news; the buffoon ended up looking ridiculous by trying to imply that he could be the only person in Britain who didn't realise it was Megan who had had this particular royal baby. Is he for real? does he think WE'RE pratts and we actually swallow that? One thing I never had him down as was gormless, but there you go.

                              Leaving aside the crass, insensitive nature of his tweet, it simply wasn't funny anyway.

                              But then, neither is he.