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  • ITC Entertained The World podcast

    Just flagging up the ITC Entertained the World podcast I set up in April in lockdown - we've done 7 episodes so far, featuring Gideon's Way, Danger Man, Man In A Suitcase, The Persuaders!, The Zoo Gang and The Saint. Hopefully it might be go interest to some of you.

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    I can highly recommend these - very interesting and informative.


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      ITC Entertained The World - episode 7 - The Baron. Available now!


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        ITC Entertained The World podcast - episode 8, Strange Report and episode 9, The Tamarind Seed have been available for a little while now. Next episode Hammer House of Horror will be available soon.


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          ITC Entertained The World - episode 10 - Hammer House of Horror

          Hosted by Jaz Wiseman, Rodney Marshall and Al Samujh. Jaz, Rodney and Al discuss Hammer House of Horror - the 1980 ITC anthology series that took one of cinema's biggest brand names and turned them into small screen horrors. Travel back with them to the sleepy Metroland of the 1980s for some chilling conversation.

          Note: A poltergeist was present during this recording and was playing around with Al's audio - please forgive him as he was trying to introduce some scares to the podcast!


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            Have just published a post about ITC on my blog, and I've included a link to your excellent site, see I loved your podcast on the half hour Danger Man, but waited for the rest until I had posted this, as I wanted the thoughts to be mine, and not overly influenced by your podcasts. Hope you like the blog, but bear in mind I wanted it to be a brief overview.