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  • Louise Purnell

    I just watched "Three Sisters" 1970 on TV. A splendid production with a fabulous cast. Among them was Louise Purnell who I am not familiar with at all.
    There is scant information of her on imdb & she seems to have ceased acting on stage or screen & TV around 1979.
    She reminded me very much of Jane Merrow physically.
    Has anyone got more information about her?

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    The name was familiar, so I looked her up and found that she played Janet Orgreave in Clayhanger in the 1970s. As you say, there isn't a lot of information.


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      She was also in a 1973 tv movie of a National Theatre production of The Merchant of Venice with Laurence Olivier and Joan Plowright.


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        bertie, she was around 37 when she appeared to stop acting so my guess is she just got married and started a family and that took precedence. Very attractive actress whom I remember admiring way back then.


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          The BMD records show that a Louise S.Purnell married a Mr Robertson at Fulham in the last quarter of 1974, so as you say Cully, likely to have given up the profession in the late seventies to start a family.