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Actors Creating Magic Together ... Then Leaving It All Behind (continued)

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  • Actors Creating Magic Together ... Then Leaving It All Behind (continued)

    Last subjects - Michael Bryant and Carroll Baker in a (never-to-be-seen?) BBC adaptation of Somerset Maugham's Rain.

    I haven't read my introduction for years. This bit is rather telling, still perfectly describing my feelings for the actors I admire most:

    When I'm done [screencapping] I feel emotionally-drained with a sense of achievement. Part of me wants to hold on to some moments for hours but instead of savouring the good work I'm compelled to move on to the next challenge. Is this what it's like for an actor or actress as well?

    Slight improvements to what I actually wrote, almost nine years ago. It's always been a personal disappointment to me when the stars involved never repeat the experience on screen. In Gideon's Way, which I am currently watching for the third time, Alexander Davion is partnered with several beautiful actresses playing his latest 'Here today, gone tomorrow' girlfriend - Sue Lloyd, Justine Lord, (very briefly) Marion Collins and in this on set still from the episode The Nightlifers Jean Marsh.

    She and Alex are two of my most loved favourites so you can imagine my delight seeing them together again recently. The also very popular Anton Rodgers and Annette Andre (on the left) were nasty villains on this occasion! This picture,beautifully captures four ITC legends when they all looked young and beautiful/handsome and were regularly seen on TV by most British families, rather than DVD by unhappy loners like me. How I wish they were the top stars of today ...

    The Nightlifers was directed by our Britmovie friend John Moxey in November 1964. Thank you for bringing them all together.
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    There is a gorgeous still of Jean somewhere with Ian Hendry on the Informer series.

    . With Annette for my two cents worth I would mention Randall & Hopkirk.. the leads look like they are having a great time together and this obviously transfers to the guests..lots of cheery performances but a special mention for David Healy and Judith Arthy who did some good stuff on other ITC shows IMHo was underrated (I am still holding a torch for LOL)