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Henry Caine or Barry O'Neil(l) ?..

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  • Henry Caine or Barry O'Neil(l) ?..

    On IMDb, both Henry Caine and Barry O'Neil(l) are credited for the same role, "George Wraydon", in "The Curse of the Wraydons" (Victor M. Gover, 1946 - Ambassador Film).
    The original Ambassador pressbook credits Barry O'Neil(l) for this character.
    BUT the print itself credits Henry Caine as George Wraydon. Barry O'Neil(l) is also listed, but, alas, without mention of the character played.

    Being not very familiar with these actors (and Barry O'Neil, or O'Neill, having made only a handful of movies, probably hard to find) I could put a capture of the actor playing the character if somebody thinks he can identify the "real" one...

    Incidentally, Ambassador Film apparently had some problems with their casts, as if you look at their front-of-house stills of "The Greed of William Hart" (Oswald Mitchell, 1948) Frank Hawkins is prominently credited, but he doesn't appear in the movie and is not credited neither in the prints !

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    Henry Caine:

    An image of Barry O'Neil(l) I can't immediately find, but hopefully Movie Dude's images of Henry Caine above might help you to determine if it's he playing George Wraydon.


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      Thank you very much for your help ! I must watch the movie for a coomparizon and I'll return to this forum.