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  • Rosalind Elliot

    I'm trying to find information on this once ubiquitous actress.

    Never heard of or seen her for many years, but there was a time when she would pop up with reasonable regularity on TV in shows like Porridge, The Fenn Street Gang, Z Cars, Within These Walls and Citizen Smith, among others.

    Also appeared in films such as Scream And Scream Again and Murders In The Rue Morgue back in the early 70s.

    Does anyone know what became of her?

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    Strange how she just seems to have disappeared without a trace. I'm very curious about her now.


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      Rosalind is an actress I've never been able to find, but I've just come across a reference to her having been born in Leeds. There is a Rosalind B. Elliot in the birth records born in Leeds in the third quarter of 1943, her mother's surname being Biggin. Rosalind seems to have begun her acting career as a young woman in the mid-1960s, so a d.o.b. of around 1943 would seem right.

      What became of Rosalind I don't know, but it is possible that she is the Rosalind B. Elliot who electoral records show to have been living in Warwickshire in recent years.



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        Wouldn't it be nice if she found the forum and dropped in for a chat!


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          Had the pleasure of knowing Rosalind briefly in 1969.In addition to acting she taught drama . Seem to remember she resembled RitaTushingham a little.Like thousands of people in our industry they seem to be here today and gone tomorrow...Sorry I cannot be of more help...