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    I have just acquired Eunice's 2012 autobiography and discovered that she was born on March 17tn 1928 and so has just celebrated her 90th birthday. Both Wikipedia and IMDb give her year of birth as 1931, I have corrected Wikipedia, but IMDb will only accept a correction accompanied by a URL, which implies an on-line source rather than a published book!

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    Great fan of Eunice, was surprised to find she was dubbed in both her Bond appearances. Does her official website not state her correct DOB? If it doesn't, you can scan & upload the relevant page in her bio, then post here. You can then use that URL as a source. I know this was done to add a credit for Barry Warren to IMDb as I was the one who uploaded the relevant page of the TV Times on the old site.
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      I've just posted Eunice's birth record from to the imdb and I've always found that sufficient to change things.

      Hope that helps!