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Jill Melford (1934 - 2018???)

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  • Jill Melford (1934 - 2018???)

    Just found the following information on website National Portrait Gallery:

    Marian Waters writes (dated by 07 March 2018, 14:29):

    Jill Melford died 21st February 2018.

    National Portrait Gallery is updated and indicates the date for actress Jill Melford as 1934 -2018.

    Alas, I can not find anything about this to confirm.

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    R.I.P. Jill.......

    Funnily enough I was wondering what became of her within the past few days (having just watched 'I want what I want' on you-tube, where she had a small part as Harry Andrew's ladyfriend), she was quite something.