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And Then There Were None - Neil McCarthy

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  • And Then There Were None - Neil McCarthy

    This is probably my favourite Agatha Christie story, but to my mind it has never been filmed perfectly. The Russian adaptation probably comes closest to the original story.

    I have just been watching the 1989 adaptation set in Africa and it was embarrassingly awful. The two characters that survive at the end were the two worst actors.

    Herbert Lom appeared (having appeared previously in the 1974 adaptation)

    But the point of my post here is the actor Neil McCarthy. Not the same Neil McCarthy most us would recognise. I thought there were rules about actors not sharing the same name. Maybe the one in this film was American ? Though he certainly sounded English.

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    I think the actor you saw was probably the South African one:

    Back in the day (in Britain, anyway) all actors had to be members of Equity and couldn't share a name. But I think from some time in the 1980s membership of Equity became non-compulsory and so you ended up with actors being able to have the same name. I think this caused quite a few problems at the time and perhaps still does! I don't know if current members of Equity are allowed to share a name.



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      Thanks Euryale. That all makes sense. Most of his other actings roles seem to have been in SthAf films too