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Production company deceptive about commercial uses

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  • Production company deceptive about commercial uses

    Hello there,

    I recently did a shoot for a production company in the UK. It was really low paid but they talked me into doing it as they claimed it was really low budget promotional video.

    I later found out (thanks to a watchful friend) that the video has been, and continues to be, used as a TV commercial on some pretty major commercial TV channels, even though they said to me on several occasions it was only to be used online on the clients main digital platforms (Facebook)

    I signed the usual release forms and it states that they can use my image, performance etc in perpetuity, but doesn't actually specify where or how. I guess I am pretty stuck into this contract and there is nothing that I can do.

    Usually for TV commercial productions there should be pretty big buyout fees and even royalties based on usage, and from looking online you even have to renew contracts for future uses.

    I am posting here to find out if this has ever happened to anyone else before and as a cautionary tale for those who get brought into low budget productions to do some research to check you are not being conned.

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    I don’t think this is the correct place for this.

    You should be consulting a lawyer, not seeking advice on an Internet forum.


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      To be fair, it doesn't seem advice is being asked for. A cautionary tale - and a hard-learned lesson.


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        The trade unions should be able to advise you, but only if you are a member....


        Or EQUITY or Musicians Union (for performers)