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Was she a German spy ?

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  • Was she a German spy ?

    Sophia Loren was, an Italian, married to a prominent Nazi German in this film., Operation Crossbow. From what I recall she wanted to find her son. George Pepperd, was willing to help her. She was killed by Lilli Palmer, was she a German spy, or just an innocent victim?
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    Which film?


    • Ian Fryer
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      Operation Crossbow. Seen it and don't recall her being a German spy, but it's been a while.

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    I remember this film. As I recall, she was separated from her Nazi husband, she wanted to find her son and return to Italy. Lilli Palma was a member of the underground movement. She shot her in the film. I could not figure out if she was or was not a Nazi spy.


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      I did some more research on this. According to the storyline, she was going to divorce her husband and bring her children back to Italy. She was not a Germany spy, just an innocent victim . This film was based on a true incident, but, the writers put more incidents into the film. Good film.


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        She was not a German spy, all she wanted to do was to see her husband and get her children. Swenson is correct. Love the film.