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    Have just been watching Blithe Spirit, does anyone know much about Jacqueline who played the maid? I can’t find much about her and it appears she didn’t do many films.

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    Jacqueline was born in London in 1916. Her father was the composer Robert Coningsby Clarke (1879-1934). Her mother, Dorothy Diehl (1887-1942), was born in Philadelphia. Dorothy was a cousin of the author Radclyffe Hall and apparently her sometime lover.

    Jacqueline graduated RADA in 1934 and for the next 15 years or so pursued an acting career on stage and screen, usually playing maids it seems! In 1941 she was appearing in Blithe Spirit on Broadway. Jacqueline returned to England and married the stage actor, Anthony Compton, in Sept. 1942. According to the Birmingham Mail newspaper, on the way back across the Atlantic, Jacqueline's ship was torpedoed and she spent 8 days in an open boat before being rescued! Anthony Compton had left RADA in 1935 and during the War joined the R.A.F. Unfortuately, he was killed when his plane crashed in 1944.

    In 1945, Jacqueline married the photographer Gordon Anthony. He specialised in ballet and theatre subject matter, and in fact was the brother of Ninette de Valois. Jacqueline then married Jonathan Glennon-Anderson in 1949. I don't really know anthing about him except that he died in Suffolk in 1985, where Jacqueline herself died in 1994. I guess she retired from acting on the event of her third marriage. I don't think she had any children.

    Curiously, after making Blithe Spirit Jacqueline appeared in another supernatural-comedy production in 1946, this time on the stage in a play called The Poltergeist. She co-starred with Gordon Harker and again played the maid!



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      Thanks as always Euryale. An interesting life it seems. I thought she was excellent as Edith.