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Centenarian actors and actresses

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  • Centenarian actors and actresses

    I've been meaning to continue this thread from the old forum as I have a few more to add which I will do at some point. But today the remarkable Earl Cameron joins the 100 club so Happy Birthday to him!


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    Hello again Euryale, after all this time. Was Theodora Lynch included in the original list? She was married to J. Paul Getty and died earlier this year, aged 103. I found out about her after my recent viewing of The Lost Weekend (1945). What a joy to see that again after so many years.

    The Pyxurz blogspot has many great captures from the classic film (saving me the trouble for once), including the
    Drinking Song sequence from La Traviata which she performs with fellow Metropolitan Opera singer John Garris:

    I was shocked to read that he was murdered only four years later. Theodora outlived him by 68 years! R.I.P. both.

    Los Angeles Times obituary

    Please enjoy this beautiful song, Euryale:


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      Hello Cornershop! No, I don't think Theodora was on the old forum. I guess we did't know about her but I wonder if she would have made the list anyway as the criterion seemed to be that the actor/actress should have been born in Britain - of course I could be wrong about that.

      My own 'rule' for adding people is that they needn't be born here but they must have appeared in British films and/or television - after all, this is Britmovie! However, I don't own the thread so as far as I'm concerned members can include whomever they like.

      Anyway, Theodora did live to be a very grand age!



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        Nickola Sterne

        Nickola died earlier this year at the age of 102. She was born as Pamela Violet Rowan-Robinson in India on 2nd March 1914 and died in London on 11th January 2017. As well as being a stage actress, she appeared in a number of television shows such as Grange Hill and The Glittering Prizes.

        Thanks to Weary for the image.



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          Madge Snell

          Born as Josephine Madge Snell in Surrey on 10th July 1885 and died on 7th November 1985 in Brighton. Madge was mainly a stage actress but did a few films in the 1930s such as The Eternal Feminine. She was married to Count Vivian Hollander.

          Click image for larger version

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            Bud Ralston

            Bud was born as Frank Tipping in Manchester where he also died - 13th October 1898 to 22nd April 1999. He was mainly a stage comedian in pantomime and such but appeared in some films and television shows like Coronation Street.

            Bud served in the Great War.



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              Vivian Gaye

              Vivian was born as Sanya Lilian Steinman in London on 13th December 1907. She spent much of her life in America where she was married to famed film director Ernst Lubitsch, but she did make a couple of British pictures. She died on 18th July 2010 at Southampton, New York, aged 102.



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                June Ashley 7th October 1911 - November 2017

                June with third and last husband Nicholas Daniel. The Tatler, 1955

                I've just found out that June Ashley has died within the last few days at the age of 106, so she must surely be one our most long-lived actresses. She made a number of films in the 1950s and was the mother of actress/artist Sara Leighton and actress Carole Lorimer.

                June was born as Ida Cora Kate Pritchard on 7th Oct. 1911 in Camberwell. I entered her real name and year/place of birth into the imdb ages ago. I also knew that she was still alive as of 2014. Just this morning I thought I'd try and find some more information on June. I managed to locate her baptism record and her entry on the 1939 register of British Residents. Both stated exact date-of-birth to be 7th October 1911, so I'm taking that to be correct. Then I took a look around the net and stumbled on Sara Leighton's Facebook page where she'd announced just yesterday that mother June had died. So a sad coincidence to be looking for June today only to find that she passed away a short time ago.

                R.I.P. June. But a good long life!

                June's birth/baptism records and 1939 register entry:


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                  We have a new centenarian to add to our list. Veteran character actress Bay White celebrated her 100th birthday on 1st January 2018. Bay now lives in Scotland. Her daughter-in-law Jenny Gunn posted some nice pictures on Facebook of Bay with her telegram from the Queen. Thanks to Weary for Bay's image below:


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                    Bay lives in Cromarty.