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Ann Barrass (continued)

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  • Ann Barrass (continued)

    Original thread:

    Ann Barrass

    To start this one off, a forgotten post from 'Who are these people?' (29th August 2012):
    Have I seen the Lady in Blue before or am I confusing her with someone else?
    It's Ann! In The Baron episode Samurai West, directed by John Moxey in July 1965:

    This is the dramatic moment where an irate Raymond Huntley throws a glass of wine at Lee Montague's face.
    Even Andrew Andreas - the waiter in the middle - wasn't known to most of us then. Who is the other man?

    I also spotted our subject in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971). She is curtsying to the Royal couple (who have
    just exited the screen) upon their return from blessing troops in St. Petersburg. With 'Count' Jack Hawkins:

    I hope Ann is well and that her son Christopher will join us again soon.
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    Ann Barrass and Jack Arrow are behind Marty Feldman in this scene from Every Home Should Have One (1970):

    They are at the 'Miss Goldilocks' contest hosted by comedian Ray Fell, now familiar as a panellist on Jokers Wild.


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      Well spotted old pal and well done for reserecting this post on one of the newer discoveries.