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  • Paul Beradi

    This dapper moustachioed extra seems to have been active in the UK from the late 40's to the late 60's before disappearing.
    Imdb has listed along with Paul Beradi, a Paul Berardi, who made a solitary appearance in a French TV series Les Mercredis De La Vie (which I think translated means something like everyday is like Wednesday) in 1993.
    Coincidence? or perhaps the same person with a variation on the surname.
    A trawl through the British national insurance archive comes up with one Paul Berardi (1917-2006) with addresses in Carpineto Italy from 1979-2002 and from 2002-2006 in Pescara Italy. The national insurance number means that he must have worked in the UK at some time.
    There seems a fair chance it might be our gentleman. Perhaps he left the UK in the early seventies. His last Imdb entry is dated 1969 (unless Gerald has any later appearances?)

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    There is a P. Beradi listed in British phone books as living in Lea Valley, Herts. (specifically 43 broomstick Hall Road, Waltham Abbey, from at least 1977-1982. Berardi seems to be the most common variant of the name (3800 hits vs. 800 for Beradi on, but I've also seen similar names Berardis and Berardys. I searched through The Stage for all these variations, but no luck. Your guy seems the most likely, maybe dual Italian-English citizen (in which case his presence in British records would be light).


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      Interesting that your Beradi was in the phone books Dave. I couldn't find a reference to Beradi, only Berardi. The full name I have (If it's the same guy) is
      Paolo Vincenzo Berardi born 1917. The age would seem about right.
      I think Beradi and its' variants as you say is a pretty common name in Italy.


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        Just sighted Paul again (complete with customary buttonhole), as a wrestling match spectator in Cuckoo Patrol (1967).


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          On the old site there was a great picture of him, a black and white close up from something he had dialogue in. If I remember rightly it was said he adopted a very upper crust tone.


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            Think it was this shot from The Gambler and the Lady, in which he gets a nice closeup and a line in a posh English accent (doesn't sound dubbed):

            Click image for larger version

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              That's the one.