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Fred Wood AKA Burn the Witch Fred

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  • Fred Wood AKA Burn the Witch Fred

    Fred is sighted in Florence Nightingale (1985), Brazil (1985) and Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) Spotted by Aveleyman

  • #2
    Fred has been added to IMDB as Figure in White in Masque of the Red Death however I do not think that is Fred. I think he is the prisioner lying down in the attached still from the above film


    • #3
      One of the Poor - Time Bandits
      I think this is Fred Wood as one of the Poor in Time Bandits ?


      • #4
        In a single panned shot from "Quatermass"(1979) (Ep.4 "An Endangered Species"), lasting less than ten seconds, is this Fred Wood getting out of the car?


        • #5
          Well Spotted Thats Fred, I had this listed as on of his films but was not sure which version of Quatermass he was supposed to appear in


          • #6
            Fred Wood in a Riot
            Watching Judge Dredd for the 1st time on Blu Ray remined me that Fred was in the Riot scene so slowing it down during the opening credits & the riot show him in full throttle


            • #7
              Lassiter 1984

              Fred Wood as ( Fight Spectator)in Lassiter
              Fred was in this scene and also as a Market Porter (filmed at Leadenhall Market (No Still yet) I went down on the set with Joan


              • #8
                The Mind of Mr Soames (1970)
                Fred was spotted my another Member in the above, please see image below


                • #9
                  The Tiger and the Goat - The Protector's
                  This image of Fred spotted by Gerald Lovell