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Extras in 'Hine' (ATV, 1971)

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  • Extras in 'Hine' (ATV, 1971)

    Joe Hine was an arms dealer, played by Barrie Ingham. Only two of the 13 episodes survive in their original format (mostly shot on colour video tape with occasional film inserts).

    Unlike Callan and Public Eye, this series doesn't have a book listing the extras who appeared in each episode, which means I can't identify new or less familiar faces if I don't have any names to put them to. I had a lot of success at the other shows' threads, introducing the likes of Iris Everson, Alison Daumier and Colin Cunningham. Hopefully other experts can help.

    What I've decided to do this time is divide each episode's sightings into two parts: one for the extras I recognise and in the next post those I don't ("Who are these people?"). Here are some of the better known faces you can look forward to seeing in future posts:

    Left to right - Jean Channon, Rodney Cardiff, Brychan Powell and Willy Bowman

    As many of the subjects are either passers-by or part of a crowd, I'm not always happy about the quality of my screencaps. It's even more frustrating if the stars happen to be in the picture. This is the best one from the first episode, Rifles Are Dangerous, featuring the usually credited Ishaq Bux:

    Hine, somewhere in the Middle East, has presented Farah (Jasmina Hilton) with a gift
    she is passing on to husband Rashid (Maxwell Shaw). The nurse is my first Unknown.

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    Identified extras in 'Rifles Are Dangerous'

    Mike Reynell, behind Willy Bowman's shoulder, is in both of these shots, from which I cropped two of the images in my introduction:

    The man holding the glass is American actor J.M. Bay, who had the same yellow-tinted glasses in an episode of The Persuaders (also 1971).

    The shot of Rodney Cardiff (looking at camera) reveals that Juba Kennerley is next to him. Willy Bowman is talking to 'General' Nick Zaran:

    Looks like Josie Grant behind Mike:

    Movie Dude's image from Gideon's Way - Gang War


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      Unfamiliar extras in 'Rifles Are Dangerous'

      Heads turn when an official is escorted into Maxwell Shaw's mansion, where a reception is being held:

      Is the guy at the end, with the moustache, one of Movie Dude's 'Unknown Males'?

      It seems the mystery guard has caught a shamed Colin Gordon in the telephone booth again:

      An alternate image of the moment Barrie Ingham presents Jasmina Hilton with golden diaper pins. An unknown extra has replaced Ishaq Bux:

      The emphasis here is on the man opening a crate containing a "Lunar Module dining chair". Behind him is earlier subject Willy Bowman:

      A 'black' Kathleen Heath on the left?

      More unfamiliar extras from this scene tomorrow.


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        Mike Reynell is back, followed by two other party guests, as Paul Eddington and Barrie Ingham discuss business:

        A guard respects the arrival of 'General' Nick Zaran:

        Finally, one that I missed during my original scan. Is that Derek Chafer driving J.M. Bay (back seat) and Willy Bowman to the party?:

        Correction to opening paragraph: Seven of the episodes were actually made in black-and-white - victims of ITV's colour strike. The rest comprise of four 'telerecordings' (16mm b&w film copies) and two in their natural colour. My information comes from a thread on that very subject at and TVBrain/Lost Shows. But are all the black-and-white episodes in their original format? I suspect not. I should be able to tell when I take an in-depth look at the whole series. .
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          Re Jasmina Hilton , I was in touch with her about a year ago, she told me about her time on set in The Professionals ep BLIND RUN for our book which came out in November, she’s now known as Jasmina Daniel.


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            Jasmina was especially lovely in an episode of Special Branch, Miss International. She had some great scenes with Yutte Stensgaard, her main rival in the contest.

            Two things I've noticed in the Rifles Are Dangerous posts: The Willy Bowman image in the opening gallery is the wrong way round (I should have reversed it when I finished cropping and resizing) and the obscured extra behind J.M. Bay in post #2 appears to be the last man passing Paul Eddington in #4, if that helps. No-one's recognised any of the mystery subjects so far.

            Identified extras in 'The Abominable No-Men' - Part 1

            The second episode does look as if it's a black-and-white film copy of a videotaped recording.

            Emerging from a lift in Whitehall are a number of familiar faces, including Brychan Powell and Peter Evans on the right:

            Who is Colin Gordon talking to?

            That's Ronald Mayer between security guard Peter Welch and Barrie Ingham:

            A reverse shot of the two credited actors. Peter Welch is the guard nearest Colin. On the right is Stenson Falcke,
            who I was first introduced to in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), as a colleague of 'Inspector' Michael Griffiths:

            The men coming out of the lift are approaching the camera below.

            I recognise Colin Cunningham (right), my first 'Extras in Public Eye'
            subject, but am not sure about the taller man. Is he Ernest Blythe?:


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              Identified extras in 'The Abominable No-Men' - Part 2

              Colin Gordon and Barrie Ingham feature in all these images.

              George Ballantine and ...?:

              Victor Harrington and ...?:

              The half-shown unknowns will return in a future post.

              Phillip Stewart:

              An unfortunately blurred but still recognisable Lewis Alexander:

              Best I could do, Movie Dude: