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Tony Allen

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  • Tony Allen

    Anyone know whatever happened to Tony best known from the SweeneyAccording to the IMDb he went on to work as a wardrobe master not sure if it's the same person

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    More research is needed. That might have been the same person, he only had a minor role in The Sweeney, an uncredited role as "Bill the Driver" in the 1970s. So it might well be him who went on to work as an assistant costume designer and then as wardrobe master in the 1980s & 2000s. Or it could be someone else with the same name.



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      It is the same Tony Allen.
      After The Sweeney Tony worked with John Thaw as Wardrobe Master and Dresser on shows such as Kavanagh QC. He worked as an extra from the 60's on various ITC shows and later for Euston.
      There was mention of him on the old site and he is a friend our beloved 'Aitch.