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    Does anyone know whether Manny is still with us? Philly told me that Scott Palmer tried to phone him recently, but his number had been disconnected.
    Given that Manny is 99 years old it wouldn't be surprising if he had gone into a home or passed away. Can anyone confirm? I looked through my government sites and couldn't find a trace of him under Emmanuel or Manny Michael. It might be though that this is (slightly) anglicised version of a Yiddish name..

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    Probate records show that an Emmanuel Michael died on 26th June 2016 - the registry is London, so that's probably where he lived. There was a man of that name living in recent years in Barnes, London and his d.o.b. seems to be 1918-1920. There was an Emmanuel Michael born in mid-1918 in Sevenoaks, Kent - could that be our Manny?