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    It seems quite a few supporting artiste's used two names simultaneously, one for thier film roles for the Film Artistes Association and a different name for Equity jobs which would be mainly TV work, i have listed some here, FAA first, Equity second.

    Tony Benson - Tony Mendleson
    Phil Parkes - Phil Marvin
    Alex Lewis - Lewis Alexander
    John Phillips - Philip Johns
    John Moore - John More
    Vernon Duke - Vernon Drake
    George Holdcroft - George Romanov
    Alan Meacham - Alan Viccars
    Bernard Barnsley - Bernard Egan

    I am not certain but others may likely be ;
    Aileen Lewis was credited as Aileen Alexander in a BBC production called Weekend in 1979
    Arthur Howell was certainly using the name Paul Christian in the late 50's to early 60's
    Thanks to Gerald Lovell for suggesting George Holdcroft and Alan Meacham
    Thanks to Dave W for Bernard Barnsley
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    George Holdcroft - George Romanov/Romanoff and Alan Meacham - Alan Viccars are others.


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      Thanks Gerald, i forgot those chaps, i will add them now

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    Bernard Barnsley - Bernard Egan, too


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      Thanks Dave, i forgot about him! i'll add him now

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    Some wives of supporting artistes seem to be known by both married and maiden names, i am not certain if it was an FAA/Equity thing

    Zelda Barnett - Zelda Tatum
    Alicia St Leger - Alicia Armstrong
    Joyce Maloney - Joyce Everson
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      Gordon Stothard = Gordon St. Clair
      Barry Jackson = Jack Barry
      Derek Ware = Douglas Kirk
      Bryan Mosley = Buddy Windrush
      John Maxim = John Wills.


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        Just to clarify... is this because at a certain time in history, the "actors" who appeared on stage and TV, were not keen to admit that they sometimes took jobs as "extras" to pay the bills? Reputations played a part in getting roles, and if you were seen to be settling for "extra" work, then it would imply that you weren't capable of handling a speaking role. This kind of clandestine working under a pseudonym was also something done by directors and other crew members on film, who were glad to be working, but not necessarily proud of the product (porn would be one area where you might not want the title to feature on your CV).


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          I think in a lot of cases it was because the name was already taken by another person with membership of Equity, this could include variety artists, opera singers, ballet dancers, disc jockey's or even crew members, the change could be minor like John Watson/John H Watson. In the list at the top of the page John Moore and John Phillips would obviously have to change because of well known actors already using those names.
          There could be anomalies, in 1960 there seemed to be three actors appearing in British films called Frank Howard, the stuntman, the FAA actor and an Irish actor of that name who played a court usher in that year's 'Johnny Nobody' also two actors of the same name in the same film! Peter Evans the child actor plus FAA forum favourite Peter Evans in 'Greyfriars Bobby'.


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            There is a sub section here, actors who change their name permanently (in most cases) i think to avoid confusion with similary named actors, a few examples

            John Mansi to Louis Adams/Adam to Louis Mansi
            Gordon Needham to Gordon Boyd
            Peter Forbes Robertson to Peter Wayn back to Peter Forbes Robertson
            Gordon Davis to Harry Davis
            Kenneth Warren to Peter Porteous
            Donald Tandy to Donald Best back to Donald Tandy
            Stephen Cato to Stephen Lewis
            Nyall Florenz to Norman Florence
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            • Dave W
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              Also Nyall Florenz to Norman Florence (probably got tired of his name being misspelled).

              So was Peter Porteous the dark haired Kenneth Warren we see in 60s stuff, who is obviously not Kenneth J. Warren?

              And don't forget Anthony Lang the child actor and the extra of the same name.

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              Thanks Dave, i have added Nyall/Norman
              Yes Peter was previously Kenneth with hair. Someone has done good research on Peter at IMDb, there is a gap in his career from Drama College to his credits in his real name, all the Kenneth Warren credits have been added to Kenneth J Warren's CV even those he was credited for, listed as 'as Kenneth Warren', the bald Australian Ken became a well known face, i guess that's why Peter resorted to the his real name.

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            The actor we know as Chalmers Peddie seems to have used the name Len Saunders as well.

            I have him as Chalmers in The Stone Tape and episodes of Callan and Sykes that have no Len in the cast.
            He is credited as Len Saunders in Take 3 Girls - Devon Violet and in the extended cast list for Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton, so it seems he was using them both at the same time, i am not sure if it is an FAA/Equity thing.


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              Len Saunders is an uncredited extra in several DOCTOR WHO serials, is a Dalek Operator in Dr. Who and the Daleks too, and is in STEPTOE & SON "Oh, What a Beautiful Mourning":

              Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2018-11-05-20h37m40s523.png
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              However, in THE STONE TAPE, although Chalmers Peddie is down as an uncredited Workman, Len Saunders is also uncredited as one of Crawshaw's Followers . . .


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                Thanks Gerald
                Yes that's Len on the right. Are the attributions mixed up on The Stone Tape? , I remember you putting a cap up at the old site of him pushing a washing machine in that, you supplied a list of names, I eliminated all but Chalmers and came to the conclusion that was him. Len was a restaurant customer in Callan - The Contract but wasn't in the uncredited cast list but Chalmers was, similarly Len was in a Sykes episode with Chalmers getting the credit.