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Can Anyone Name This Stuntman?

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  • Can Anyone Name This Stuntman?

    I'm sure I've seen this guy in sixties TV shows and I'm fairly certain he's a stuntman, but I cannot put a name to the face. Can anyone identify him please?

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    It's Doug Robinson, Mike, Joe's brother. Looks like it's from The Wrecking Crew (1968) in which he confusingly plays the role of Nelson. It's confusing because you don't expect Doug and also Romo Gorrara to turn up in an American film.


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      You are an absolute star. Yes, its obviously the smiling Doug Robinson and like you say it is from The Wrecking Crew. I did spot Romo Gorrara in there and as you say it is unusual to have British stunt people in an American movie, although all the train footage for this was actually filmed in Bavaria, Germany.

      A big thank you.