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Extras in 'A Night to Remember'... or Not as the Case May Be

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  • Extras in 'A Night to Remember'... or Not as the Case May Be

    For the last few years i have been trying to track down the uncredited actors and supporting artistes in A Night to Remember, 1958 film about the Titanic, i have identified around 450 at the moment, with the help of forum members Gerald Lovell, Dave Wright, Anthony McKay, cornershop, Marcus Heslop amd cully also on the old forum Scott Palmer, Movie Dude and Aged A.D., also indirectly the geneological expertise of Euryale and Tigon Man.
    There are easily a 1000 uncredited's in this film, Movie Dude's page has many of these, 117 of MD's Unknown Male's and Female's are here as well.
    Surprisingly quite a few of the popular extras of this time are apparently absent from this, i could not find these in this list, they were all active in films at this time

    Joy Adams, Geraldine Addison, Richard Atherton, Eve Aubrey, Jack Arrow, Peter Avella, Sheila Aza, Jerry Baker, Joe Beckett, Jack 'Kid' Berg, Bill Brandon, Daniel Brown, Aza Caralova, Jess Conrad, Terence Cooper, Fred Davis, Harry Easom, Brenda Ernst, Arthur Goodman, Ursula Granville, Walter Henry, John Howard, Sonia Heimer, Tommy Jenkins, Pat Judge, Mary Kay, Nan Kearns, Ken Kennedy, Bob Lane, Ken Lawton, Dan Lester, Pat Lewis, John Lynn, Frank Maher, Jim McManus, William McReight, Guy Mills, Rinty Monaghan, Cecil Paul, Edith Pavitt, Paddy Ryan, Roy Scammel, George Schock, Miles Silverton, Bert Sims, John Smart, Paddy Smith, Esme Smythe, Audrey Sykes, Zelda Tatum, Vic Taylor, Jimmy Tippett, Jim Tyson, Robert Vossler, Eric Wetherell, S.M. Wood

    List of Supporting Artistes that were active at the time this film was made, who i have failed to identify by sight at this time.

    Fred Allen, Paul Bahadur, Alan Beaton, Anna Cameron, Valerie Cockx, Dave Crowley, Fred Daly, Reg de Beer, Joseph Dent, Joe Dillon, Vicky Droy, Kaye Eaton, Bernard Francis, Mabel Goldborne, Bert Hibbs, Marion Humble, Maureen Judge, Vicky Norris, Sheila O'Connor, Amy Palmer, Lionel Pope, Frank Renvoise, Jean Rice, Prunella Smith, May Stark, Arthur Taylor

    Maureen Judge was Gerry Judge's wife, Prunella Smith was Harold Coyne's wife, Jean Rice was Ernie Rice's daughter.

    List of supporting artists who are known to have appeared but i haven't spotted them

    Bob Anderson, Roy Beck, Peter Brayham, Jimmy Charters, Jack Cooper, George Crawford, Les Crawford, Sylvia Cummings, Peter Diamond, Barry du Bouley, Eddie Eddon, Basil Felton, Russell Forehead, John Gallant, Richard Graydon, Renee Heimer, Reg Harding, Pat Harrison, Bill Hemmings, George Hilsdon, Elvin Hood, Ken Hutchins, Juba Kennerley, Alex Lewis, Terence Maidment, Alex North, Harry Phipps, Eddie Powell, Nosher Powell, Charlie Price, Terry Richards, Bess Rogers, Laurie Rose, Ivan Santon, Roy Seeley, Stan Simmons, Rocky Taylor, June West
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    That's impressive work, Phil. You are probably the reigning expert on this one by now. I know how hard you've worked over the years on it. I got about ten minutes in and burnt myself out!!


    • John Skinner
      John Skinner commented
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      Weirdest credit for Night to R.. Is for Sean Connery..its in Quinlan's fab book on BritishFilms1929-1959..every schoolboy knows that Sean isn't in it, probably carelessly confused with JohnCairney a fellow Scot.

    • philly
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      Sean Connery told Scott Palmer that he did appear in A Night to Remember.

    • Steve Crook
      Steve Crook commented
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      Maybe Sean was the milkman who delivered the milk to the cast & crew on set?

      (His first job was as a milkman with the St Cuthbert’s Co-Operative Society in Edinburgh.)