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Extras In Danger Within (1958)

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  • Extras In Danger Within (1958)

    Watching Danger Within last night, I spotted Harold Coyne, Paul Beradi and Hedger Wallace amongst the POW's, but not listed on Imdb as yet.
    Philly or Gerald, do you have a more definitive list of the escapees?

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    I haven't covered this one yet Tigon, Gerald did it on 20/3/12, post 704 at the old forum, of the names not known at the time i can see Robert Gregory, Jimmy Scott and Ken Lewington. There is a page for this film at Movie Dude, i am sure i identified quite a few from MD's Unnamed Extras page, unfortunately the site is temporarily down at the moment.


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      It could do with your appraisal Philly and a second look for Gerald. Many of the faces that were then unknown, should be more familiar now.


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        Checking my notes i can see that last year, i identified Victor Baring, Harry Tardios, Frank Hayden and John Corrie from Movie Dude's Unnamed Extras page for this film.