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  • Something in the City (1950) is something I hadn't done before, but philly has covered it well, but I'll add two more someones:

    Click image for larger version

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    As Richard Hearne engages in a wrestling match with his clock and other accoutrements at Shepperton Railway Station, I think he's passed by Alicia St. Leger

    Click image for larger version

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    And immediately thereafter, not unexpectedly, by Jack Armstrong.


    • The Man from Interpol (1960)

      I have had a bash at this Danziger series from 1960, looked at 16 of 40, i have some more somewhere need to dig them out, most are taken from the Pidax German language DVD which are better quality but only have a couple of cast credits at the end, i have been able to compile the actual credits from IMDb and Kal's TV Brain, i have added some credited roles that are not at IMDb but not Visa Versa.

      Escape Route
      Bank Teller - George Holdcroft, Ian Selby
      Police Sergeant - Arthur Howell

      The Big Racket
      Sheldon Lawrence - Customs Official
      Jack Taylor - Mr Hepworth
      Colin Tapley - Detective
      Gwendoline Watts - Girl at Customs
      Ian Wilson - Tramp

      British Travellers to Canada - Vic Hagan, Bess Rogers
      Customs Official - Gerald Paris
      Customer - Edward Higgins
      Cafe Proprietor - Jim Tyson

      Tight Secret
      John Longden - Supt Mercer

      The Last Words
      Reginald Hearne - Warder


      Tony Harrison is credited as 'Salesman', i am not sure who he is but i didn't see a salesman.

      Charles Henry Harper - Arthur Dibbs
      Air Passengers - Jack Armstrong, Bunny Seaman, Rene Cunliffe
      Army Guard - Fred Stroud, Bill Rooney, Gerry Judge, Ted Carroll
      Worker - Ted Carroll (again), Anthony Lang, Arthur Goodman, Peter Perkins
      Policeman - Arnold Schulkes, Louis Matto
      Police Sergeant - John Tatum
      Detective - Joe Beckett

      The Missing Child

      Supt Mercer - John Longden
      Alain's Wife - Joy Adams

      Murder Below Decks
      John Arlen - Fuad

      Purser - Peter Evans
      Detective - Eric Wetherell
      Ambulance Man - Dickey Luck
      Forensics Team - Del Baker
      Supt Mercer - John Longden
      Landlady - Nora Gordon
      Policeman - George Curtis, Johnny Wyne, Robert Vossler

      Murder in the Smart Set

      Guest - Aileen Lewis
      Forensics - Edwin Fowles
      Police Photographer - Reg Thomason
      Policeman - Gerry Judge, Martin Lyder

      The Key Witness
      Bernard Hooten - Policeman
      N.B. Bernard Hooten seems to be 'credit only' , the role of 'Policeman' with several scenes of dialogue is played by Cecil Paul, a Danziger regular, i suspect he was called in as a late replacement for Bernard and somebody forgot to change the credit, WHO is Bernard Hooten? can't find his name anywhere else'.

      Detective - Sonnie Willis
      Policeman - Robert Vossler
      Police Sergeant - Fred Davis
      Italian Man - John Howard
      Train Passenger Reg Thomason

      The Art of Murder
      Police Dispatcher - Ron Blackman
      Club Patron - Helen Ford
      Parachute Team Leader - Paddy Ryan

      The Feathered Friend
      Policeman - Terry Richards
      Porter - Barry Johns, Alan Gibbs

      Mistaken Identity
      Man who Finds Burning Car - Louis Matto
      Detective - Howard Lang
      Pub Patron - Ned Lynch
      Policeman - Robert Vossler
      Mr Field - John Stuart
      Landlady - Nan Kearns

      Out of Thin Air
      Lorry Driver - Ivan Santon
      Police Sergeant - Pat Ryan
      Mons. Landy - Andreas Malindrinos
      Detective - Gordon Tanner
      Waiter - Ivan Santon (again), Martin Lyder
      Air Passenger - Del Baker, Jim McManus

      The Dollmaker
      Customs Official - Eddie Boyce
      Man in Airport - Alfred Maron
      Air Passenger - Joyce Everson
      Docker - Bob Lane, Tommy Jenkins, Jim Brady
      Policeman - Robert Vossler


      • Colonel March Investigates (1953)

        Made up from three shorts from the series Colonel March of Scotland Yard, Hot Money, Death in the Dressing Room and The New Invisible Man.
        Frank Littlewood has three roles, one in each section, i suspect that he was Boris Karloff's stand-in.

        Bank Staff - Frank Littlewood, Mary Maxfield
        Policemen - Pat Hagan, Charles Saynor
        Java Club Patron - Frank Littlewood (again)
        Man in Photo - Frank Littlewood (again again)

        Small Hotel (1957)

        Charlie the Barman - Dan Lester
        Roland's Date - Gillian Vaughan
        Army Diner - Murray Kash

        No sign of Dora Bryan or Dorothy Bromiley, they are both historic credits though, i suspect a deleted scene

        Only the Kitchen Hand, Mr Finch's Secretary and three Army Diner's (UM's 67, 104 and 195) to identify for a full house. Janet Munro's stand-in was Anna Cameron, a possibility for the secretary i guess.


        • I think at least some of the images of Movie Dude's UM10 (e.g. from Kind Hearts and Coronets, Geordie, Above Us the Waves and One Good Turn - more pointed nose, minus a cleft chin) could be this gentleman:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-18-21h43m49s331.png
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          John Withers, who plays the credited role of Sandy in Nor the Moon by Night (1958).

          No other sightings from the film, but a listening: Tim Turner provides the brief narration at the film's start.


          • Originally posted by John Skinner
            RING OF SPIES is a nice picture,you've probably covered it before,not many credits on the dreaded IMDb, but I've put some stuff on Wikileaks/Wikipedia;mainly FredGriffiths(for it is he )as news vendor and Brian Nissen,who was an announcer for many years on SouthernTV...thanks...someone must've Spied them already..
            Why "the dreaded IMDb"? Why "dreaded"? If you have any definite information then it can be added to "the dreaded IMDb" by you.
            The dreaded IMDb is much more trustworthy than Wikileaks/Wikipedia (IMHO)

            Fred Griffiths and Brian Nissen are already listed on the dreaded IMDb



            • Passionate Stranger (1957)

              No sign of Diane Cilento.
              Michael Shepley and Andree Melly are historic credits so their scenes must have been deleted.
              Fred Tooze was a supporting actor of the day, an FAA member, he is supposed to be playing 'Amos', nobody is referred to by that name, he maybe is the Railway Porter who looks quite oldish, There Could be a deleted scene with Pat Ryan playing a 'Guard' and Fred playing 'Amos', pure speculation though.

              Recital Attendee - Joyce Everson
              Fairgoer - Joyce Everson (again), Lee Fenton, Ernest Fennemore, Nan Kearns, Fred Stroud
              Pub Patron - Terry Sartain, Bunny Seaman

              Hide and Seek (1964)

              Could Michael Segal be the train guard in longshot?

              Scientist - Norman Morris, Ernst Walder
              Chess Tournament Spectator - Eric Wetherell, Jimmy Scott, Fletcher Lightfoot, Ernest Blyth, Bill Raymond
              Chess Player - Guy Mills, Dan Lester
              Major MacPherson's Secretary - Esme Smythe
              Men from the Ministry - Dan Darnelli, Billy John
              Wedding Guest - Bill Risley, Mabel Etherington, Bunny Seaman, John Smart
              People at the Train Station - Ivan Santon, Paula Wright
              Train Guard - John Timberlake
              Train Passenger - Charles Wood, Ursula Granville, George Mansfield

              This was probably Guy Mills last film, his performance was released posthumously, having died in 1963

              Crooks and Cloisters (1963)

              Gang Member - George Hilsdon
              Police Photographer - Arnold Schulkes
              Policeman - Dan Cressy
              People at Race Track - Dan Lester, Ray Schock, Frank Harper, Sidney Gross
              Bookie - Bill Rayment
              Strip Club Patrons - Jack Armstrong, Ned Lynch, George Holdcroft


              • philly's already done wonderful things with Wonderful Things (1957), so I haven't got too much to add:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-23-15h24m50s078.png
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                On the left, is that Nan Kearns on the left, supposedly gazing at the ship that will take Frankie Vaughan into the moonlight in England?

                Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-23-15h26m38s763.png
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                In the London restaurant scene where Wilfrid Hyde-White calls George Holdcroft "George", I think it may be Lee Fenton in the right background

                Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-23-15h28m04s482.png
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                When there's excitement at the Gibraltar airport, also those getting excited are Bill Baskiville and Ken Hutchins. The film dots back and forth to England and Ken's in several of those scenes too.


                • Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-23-15h32m50s193.png
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ID:	78021 Jeremy Spenser bares his soul to a fellow Gibraltar Canneries Ltd. worker who appears to be Ricardo Montez

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-23-15h37m41s125.png
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                  And joining the already-sighted Jack Hetherington as a clerk at Southbridge Magistrates Court is Cecil Paul.


                  • I clocked up quite a lot for this one Gerald, so well done for finding more, definitely Nan Kearns!


                    • The Inn Way Out (1967)

                      Hugh Burden plays Henry Meadows, the lead role, he also plays his ex-partners and her husbands son, the husband is played by Tony Mendleson.

                      The Upturned Glass (1947)

                      Student - Emil Stemmler, Paul Phillips, Roy Everson
                      Police Sergeant - James Ure
                      Lady in Court - Toots Pounds
                      Waiter - Rex Garner
                      Party Guest - Cecil Paul, Charles Hammond
                      Restaurant Patron - Richard Duke


                      • Richard the Lionheart (1961-62)

                        1961-62 is the copyright dates for these episodes. I will add the broadcast dates for the following individual episodes. IMDb doesn't have all the credited parts, i will show them first with attributions, secondly i will show the identified uncredited parts, these will be by attribution as usual. I have only watched fifteen out of thirty nine episodes, although i have not been able to identify uncrediteds in several of these.

                        The Challenge (1962)

                        Knight - Gerry Judge, Leslie Davenport, Pat Ryan, Pat Meehan
                        Monk - Frederick Kelsey, Guy Standeven, Paul Phillips
                        Servant - Frank Schock
                        Saracen Soldier - Bill Cummings

                        Long Live the King (1962)

                        Knight - Neil Osborne, Terry Yorke, Victor Harrington, Fred Davis, John More
                        King's Guard - Jeff Silk
                        Courtier - Len Llewellyn, Ian Selby, Austin Cooper
                        Attacker - Frank Maher, Bill Brandon

                        School for a King (1962)

                        Hunter - Frank Maher
                        People Waiting for an Audience with Stephen de Toure - John Corrie, Terence Maidment, Jim Brady, Ron Carr, Ned Lynch, Paddy Hayes, Tex Fuller, Joe Phelps, Peter Brayham, Del Watson, Rene Cunliffe
                        Guard - Jack Cooper, Peter Perkins, Frank Howard (s), Terry Richards, Bill Cummings, Terry Yorke

                        The Pirate King (1962)

                        Trader Faulkner - Pirate

                        Pirate - Dinny Powell, Ray Austin, George Fisher, Maurice Bush, Jack 'Kid' Berg, Ernie Rice
                        Harbour Master's Assistant - Dennis Carnell
                        Guard - Les White, Frank Howard (s), Charles Rayford, Gerry Crampton
                        Courtier - Ernest Blyth, Charles Wood

                        The Bride (1962)

                        Sir Thomas - John Longden
                        Guard - Fred Machon, Eric Henderson
                        Courtier - Graham Tonbridge, John Doye

                        The Lion and the Eagle (1962)

                        Townsfolk - Norman Fisher, Hilda Green, Rene Cunliffe
                        Knight - Peter Evans, Robert Gregory
                        Guard - Peter Avella
                        Wife - Kathleen Heath
                        Prince John's Guard - Jack Cooper
                        Merchant - Vic Hagan

                        Prince Otto (1963)

                        Frank Forsyth - Herald
                        Paul Craig - Sentry

                        Archer - Del Watson
                        Guard - Aidan Harrington

                        The Strange Monks of Latroun (1963)

                        Monk - Charlie Price, Roy Beck, Colin McKenzie, Johnny Wyne, George Fisher
                        Guard - Les White, Dinny Powell

                        The Queen in Danger (1963)

                        Blondel - Iain Gregory
                        Knight - Peter Evans
                        Guard - Terence Maidment, John Ketteringham, Jack Carter
                        Saladin's Guard - Joe Beckett

                        The Fugitive (1963)

                        Max Faulkner - Soldier
                        David Davenport - Soldier
                        Garard Green - Captain

                        Capture (1963)

                        Soldier - Michael Ryan, Ernest Fennemore, Billy Cornelius
                        Tavern Patron - Chris Adcock, Louis Matto, Alf Casha
                        Villager - Wallace Bosco
                        Onlooker - Rene Cunliffe

                        The Devil is Unloosed (1963)

                        Michael Beint - Soldier
                        Humphrey Lestocq - Soldier
                        John Serret - Messenger
                        Terry Baker - Outlaw

                        Outlaw - Jack Carter, Aidan Harrington
                        Courtier - Bill Baskiville, Fred Davis, John Howard

                        The People's King (1963)

                        Tailor - Paul Phillips, John Timberlake
                        Bishop - Norman Fisher


                        • Click image for larger version  Name:	85BD189E-4E1C-4C3B-ABA5-78ED4AB09618.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	114.2 KB ID:	78192 Derek Chafer checking “Steve Forest’s” ID in The Baron episode “Enemy Of The State” 1966


                          • Originally posted by @ci5bdc View Post
                            Click image for larger version Name:	85BD189E-4E1C-4C3B-ABA5-78ED4AB09618.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	114.2 KB ID:	78192 Derek Chafer checking “Steve Forest’s” ID in The Baron episode “Enemy Of The State” 1966
                            Good sighting - that's one I certainly missed when I covered THE BARON a while ago.


                            • When there's a Doublecross in 1955:

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-28-21h20m30s618.png
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                              Night watchman, or "doorman" as he's referred to, Jack May, doesn't get even 2 minutes into the film

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-28-21h21m52s961.png
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                              But filling the screen for longer is Jim Tyson (called "Jim" in the film) who listens sweetly as William Hartnell goes off on another of his rants with Donald Houston

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-28-21h22m14s536.png
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ID:	78200
                              Bruce Gordon is ready to rescue Donald while George Curtis is just content to prop up the bar

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-28-21h24m38s912.png
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ID:	78201
                              Being camp, or at least campanologists, are a hirsute Kenneth Cope, Bruce, John Blythe and Robert Shaw, with Otto Friese squeezed in left background.


                              • Despite it being "Made in Australia at Ealing Studios, Sydney", Wherever She Goes (1950) has:

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-29-11h16m40s173.png
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ID:	78211
                                Jerold Wells propping up Rex Dawe's bar

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-09-29-11h17m07s910.png
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Size:	175.9 KB
ID:	78212
                                And in this close-up of a photographer near the end of the film, I'm pretty sure it's Jack Carter. The next shot of the photographer with the principals on location, presumably in Australia, is another actor altogether.