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  • Gerald Lovell
    started a topic Sighted: Ah There You Are!

    Sighted: Ah There You Are!

    More SWORD OF FREEDOM and Michael Reed takes over as DP on "The Duke" and so I don't know if it's the film print or his choice of lighting that has this as a very dark episode:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2017-01-01-11h06m20s223.png
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    So dark indeed that series semi-regular Kenneth Hyde gets no credit for his couple of scenes as Machiavelli

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2017-01-01-11h06m10s532.png
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    Martin Benson is not as convincing a villain as Alan Wheatley in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD or Willoughby Goddard in WILLIAM TELL. Here he tries to enlist his councillors into his latest daft scheme, John More on the left looking particularly gloomy about it all

    Click image for larger version

Name:	peterdiamond.png
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    Although I've tried to lighten it, he's not as gloomy as Richard Pasco's guard here, who I think is Peter Diamond, and is about to have a sword fight with Martin.

  • cornershop15

    I think we should start a second 'Extras in Public Eye' thread, Gerald, as these identifications will soon be lost and forgotten here:

    Bless Me Father - The Doomsday Chair - Part 2

    A closer view of some of the people in the second capture of Part 1. I was wrong about Ron Gregory
    (the man sitting down) but am positive that's Annet Peters behind Derek Parkes (yellow waistcoat):

    I thought the unfortunately cropped woman on the right might be Ursula Glanville but she's not in IMDb's list.

    No mistaking Garth Watkins though. Like Jimmy Mac earlier, he's stood next to Daniel Abineri and Arthur Lowe:

    The landlady on the right is Phyllis MacMahon, who played a murder victim in 10 Rillington Place.

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  • Gerald Lovell
    Elbowing his way into shot as Alfred Burke is interviewed during the O.B. recording of the lost PUBLIC EYE episode ""You Can Keep the Medal" in Birmingham on 27th May 1966:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-20-21h04m26s598.png
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    Minus his usual moustache and bowtie is P.C. Leslie Adams.

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  • Tigon Man
    I love Britmovie. I've been a member of the forum for 9 years and love to read Gerald's wonderful reviews or action some credits for the Extra's on Imdb.
    The site is what you make of it. I read most of it, but can appreciate that some threads, don't interest everyone.
    Personally logging on to Britmovie has helped me through some pretty lean times over the last few years. At times when there was wasn't much to look forward to, I could always log on and find something of interest and still do.
    More power to it's elbow.
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  • MarcusHeslop(Stonfan)
    Well I would NEVER donate to ANY website to keep it going when you can enjoy it for free. If it disappears so be it. This site isn’t my life after all. As for other posts I simply don’t read them. I like the Extra’s stuff only. Occasionally I read the odd obituary’s but that’s it.

    Anyway, Im watching Superman 3. The opening scene on the streets of Metropolis looks like the States but would Richard Lester be allowed to fly the likes of Graham Stark, Gordon Rollings, Henry Woolf and Bob Todd to America for such tiny parts? He could have used American actors. Of course it could be just the magic of the movies editing wise.

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  • cornershop15
    Bless Me Father - The Doomsday Chair (1978) - Part 1

    I've identified a number of extras since screencapping this episode
    in 2014. Even Maureen Nelson was an unfamiliar face at the time:

    With Peter Bowles and Arthur Lowe. I think that might be the blond-haired David Billa behind her

    Top right are Derek Parkes and Joan Harsant (recognisable from Public Eye). Ron Gregory below?:

    I suspect the animated Irishman is Patrick Ryan.

    The old man beside curate Daniel Abineri is Jimmy Mac, another Public Eye veteran:

    Any other identifications? You can watch the episode on YouTube:

    Bless Me, Father (S1E4) "The Doomsday Chair"
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  • cornershop15
    commented on 's reply
    Yesterday's activity at Britmovie was dominated by off topic discussion posts, by the usual suspects, and it's started that way today. They'd rather discuss what's going on in the world (not that anything can be done about it from here) than show interest in what film enthusiasts have to offer. Identified extras and locations, for example.

    True, it's none of our business if they want to argue - or agree - with each other but when we're asked to donate money to keep the forum going, I feel I should protest that it's being ruined by a minority that includes one member who acknowedges that everyone has contempt for his views, quits the thread/forum and yet repeatedly comes back for more abuse.

    Regarding those who haven't posted for a long time, I've noticed Phil, Rick C and darrenburnfan seem to have disappeared.
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  • MarcusHeslop(Stonfan)
    Why Cornershop do you think the sites best days are gone? It’s pretty much the same site as it always has been. Why does it matter if Eurydale or anyone else for that matter posts on off topic discussions? That’s there perogative. The only shame is that the likes of Scott Palmer and my old pal Moviedude don’t post anymore. I like this site for the Extra’s section and that’s still the same.

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  • Gerald Lovell
    A couple of known extras surrounding "The Bromsgrove Venus" of PUBLIC EYE (tx: 16.03.1968):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-19-14h23m24s416.png
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Size:	479.6 KB
ID:	67878
    Photographer Leonard Kingston taking snaps while bookended by Alfred Burke and Timothy Carlton

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-19-14h23m58s862.png
Views:	39
Size:	454.3 KB
ID:	67879
    And Timothy's, ahem, older gentleman friend George McGrath. Alfred quickly heads off.

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  • cornershop15
    A couple of corrections to Movie Dude's Never Mention Murder page. The porter is Oscar James not Lincoln Webb and the lady in the last picture isn't Rosemary Martin, or Dudley Foster's wife. Is Unnamed Extra 39 Dee Hart?:

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  • cornershop15
    commented on 's reply
    Only the fifth of today's 32 posts and comments to have anything to do with films and television (and four of them are related to one second appearances). Even Euryale has joined in with the off topic discussions! The forum's best days are long gone but I still hope we can create interest with specialist subjects like this.

  • philly
    The Reckoning (1969)

    I didn't see Lee Fenton and Tommy Little in the film but they both appear in the Blu-Ray Image Gallery shots.

    Liverpool Pub Customers - Phil Parkes, Frank Harper, Lindsay Hooper, Lee Fenton, Rosalind Mendelson, Louise Nolan, Pearl Walters, George Holdcroft, Danny Lyons, Paul Berardi, Hilda Green, Bill Felton, James Ure, Bill Rooney, Iris Fry, Peter Evans, Vi Delmar, Joe Phelps, Dinny Powell, Alf Joint, Les White, Doug Robinson, Honora Burke
    Pub Barman (Flashback scene) - Tommy Little
    Waiter - Eric Kent, Jack Cooper, Dave Griffiths
    Party Guest - Derek Tansley, Edith Raye
    Barman - Redmond Bailey

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  • philly
    The Wind Cannot Read (1958)

    I have added Vera Lynn to the credit list as she sings the title diegetically in the film, it is played on a record player.

    Soldier - Ernest Fennemore
    Japanese Language Armed Forces Student - Dennis Carnell, Julian Sherrier, Harold Coyne, Arnold Schulkes, David Aylmer
    Dinner Dance Patron - Graham Tonbridge, Harry Drew, Tony Mendleson, Pat Halpin
    Singing Voice on Record Player - Vera Lynn
    Indian Servant - Shivendra Sinha

    Many thanks to Gerald Lovell for identifying David Aylmer, his name had escaped me

    I Was Monty's Double (1958)

    I wish the Goons had made a movie of 'I Was Monty's Treble'
    The BFI have the Colour Segeant down as R. Bryan, we know him better as Bob Bryan

    Ticket Collector - Dan Lester
    Commuter - Billy John, Ian Selby
    Soldier at Train Station - Colin McKenzie
    Man in the Street - Barry Johns
    Theatre Audience - Eddie Dillon, Ken Hutchins, Aidan Harrington, Graham Tonbridge
    Queen's Hotel Patron - Arthur Hall
    British Soldier - Jack Dearlove, Del Baker
    British Officer - Miles Silverton
    American Officer - Eric Wetherell, Paul Berardi, Vic Hagan, Vic Chapman, Ernest Fennemore, Philip Johns, John Adams, Arthur Howell, Pat Hagan, Tony Mendleson, Harry Drew, Jack Silk, John Howard, John Ketteringham, Bob Wright, Fred Machon, Jack Dearlove (Again), Dan Cressy
    Arab Tailor - Dido Plumb
    Villa Guard - Norman Morris
    Passerby Outside Cinema - Jack Mandeville, Mabel Etherington, Edwin Fowles
    Officer in Cinema Queue - Victor Harrington

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  • Gerald Lovell
    There's "Memory of a Gauntlet" in NEW SCOTLAND YARD:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-16-20h17m15s507.png Views:	0 Size:	492.1 KB ID:	67747
    Though remembering how good used to be is Jack Le White

    Click image for larger version  Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-16-20h18m57s127.png Views:	0 Size:	433.1 KB ID:	67748
    And once more, George Ballantine, here in the tea stall shadows as John Woodvine throws a barbed gauntlet at underling John Carlisle

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-16-20h19m45s315.png
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Size:	558.7 KB
ID:	67751
    When Pauline Letts is helped away by Jennie Paul and George Giles, Freddie Wiles can't resist rubbernecking into shot from the right.
    Last edited by Gerald Lovell; 16th February 2019, 08:32 PM.

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  • Gerald Lovell
    David Birney may be "The Ingenious Reporter", but his antics to get a good story results in him becoming one of ORSON WELLES GREAT MYSTERIES:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-16-10h26m49s078.png
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Size:	502.8 KB
ID:	67723
    In a French 'otel where he is staying the gossiping locals include Bob E. Raymond in the beret and Pat Ryan in the foreground

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-16-10h27m40s570.png
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Size:	509.4 KB
ID:	67724
    Cocky David is still amused at this point, even though Patrick Milner is keeping close guard on him

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-02-16-10h28m17s606.png
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Size:	481.0 KB
ID:	67725
    When he gets to court, his cockiness still turns to panic, especially as the judges are George Ballantine, the credited Peter Madden and Fred Davis. Bob and Pat are also in this scene as courtroom spectators. And in presumably an unique quirk of French Law, when a crowd turns up to enforce mob justice, Fred is one of their number!

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