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  • Carlton - St John's Wood Studio

    Hello, I used to be on the other site years back so I rejoined. I wonder if anyone of you learned people have any gen on the old
    Carlton TV Facilities at 87 St John's Terrace London NW8.

    I'm writing a feature on music videos. What I (think I) know so far is that it used to do commercials there in the 1960s and by the 1970s it was used for some pop video promos, including one by The Stranglers. Does anyone have any photos of the place? List of films or videos made there? Know anyone who filmed there? I believe it has been hired by Stiff and UA Records in 1978 for videos.

    I have an image of the address if anyone can confirm that this was Carlton TV?

    Also, was this the studio referred to as the Maida Vale studio?
    Was this ?Kay Carlton studio?

    Any leads would be most grateful! Thanks.

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    It's been confirmed that the image of Carlton TV is correct.