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FILMS & FILMING - UK Production List : October 1954

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  • FILMS & FILMING - UK Production List : October 1954

    New series of Production lists from classic UK film magazine:

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    1954 was a very poor year for M-G-M British, M-G-M/Lowes were distracted by boardroom battles and were very risk averse. Ben Goetz, chairman of M-G-M British had always took his instructions from his US masters, sat on his hands and the studio was idle. A lot of staff jumped ship during this period.
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      FILMS & FILMING - UK Production List : November 1954


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          I hope people can read the text on the latter page. There should be an easy way to expand the page via your keyboard.


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            The Danziger series being described at MGM British sounds the first 12 episodes of the first 39 episodes of 'The Vise' - the series had already premiered in the US on the 1st of October with the Dennis Price, Avis Scott, Betty Ann Davies episode.

            Production started in August 1954 under the title 'Action' - the name was change to 'The Vise' by the first week in September - at least some episodes were produced under the 'Action' name (according to Spotlight credits.)

            I'm not sure how long production continued at MGM British with the second production block - toward the end of 1955 it is possible that some space at New Elstree was available. There is also mention in the trade press of the Danzigers using Pinewood.