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Churchill and Korda

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  • Churchill and Korda

    An opinion piece from the Guardian to tie-in with a new Korda documentary that will be premiered as part of the BFI's Korda season.


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    I've read some of Korda's correspondence with the Government and their inter-office memos concerning the sale of Amalgamated Studios to M-G-M - it is astounding what influence Korda's name, combined with M-G-M's cash, had on the heads of Government departments and ministers. I'm sure he had friends in very high places.


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      I read a biography of Korda a couple of year ago, and what came across was a boundless self confidence, an ability to talk people into almost anything by charm alone, and a gambler whose successes went to his head, which led to his failures. There was also that strange ability to celebrate the sort of values and image that the British wanted to hear, in much the same way that his fellow Hungarian emigre Michael Curtiz did with The Charge of the Light Brigade. He was good at making films that sort of looked like propaganda, and made the UK film industry look a lot more like Hollywood. That won friends in high places.

      I am not surprised he got on well with Churchill - there was much the same mixture of ego, charm, inconsistent greatness and ability to bull***t.