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Lime Grove goodbye, Aug 1991

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  • Lime Grove goodbye, Aug 1991

    Lime Grove Studios closed down for good in 1991, after being used by the BBC exclusively for many years, but they were making feature films there since the silent era. On August 26th 1991, BBC2 ran a special day of programmes to celebrate the historic impact of the studios and these have ended up on YouTube. I haven't seen these programmes before and I've got some watching to do. Most of the regulars here will be familiar with the stories and the people, but it may be time to see them again .

    The first show that I've just finished watching, details the life of the studios before TV took them over. Gainsborough Pictures feature extensively and it really made me want to watch some of the films produced here. I'm looking forward to finding other shows from that day, most of which will deal with BBC TV.

    Limelight:The Film Years - The Lime Grove Story BBC2 (26 August 1991

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    Okay, bit of a false alarm. The programs on YouTube suggest that in 1991 the BBC were incapable of making good television at, or about, Lime Grove. The time I spent watching the tribute programmes could have been better spent on reading a good book... about how to watch paint dry.

    Such a shame really. On paper it looked like it would have been of great interest, but the presentation and feeble attempts at humour did nothing to bring the old stuff to life. Perhaps the lack of decent archive material has ruined any attempt to show how good it once was.


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      It was of course the Gaumont British studios.Their logo was still on the building in the BBC era.News film of its reopening after its extention in the twenties was on the British Pathe website.