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Film Pictorial Annual - 1935 - 1938

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  • Film Pictorial Annual - 1935 - 1938

    I'm assuming there may be collector out there with copies of the Film Pictorial annuals from the '30s - I've just seen an so-so photocopy of a page from one of the annuals with a very nice drawing of the Amalgamated studios - but no indication of what year it was.

    If anyone out there has copies of these annuals could they please have flick through to page 148 - and hopefully let me know what year the image appears.


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    I only have 1935 and 1938 and unfortunately it's not in any of those.


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      Originally posted by Stephen Pickard View Post
      I only have 1935 and 1938 and unfortunately it's not in any of those.
      Thanks Stephen - that's narrowed it down to 2.


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        If I find any others I will check.
        There is also a 1939 and 40.


        • Anthony McKay
          Anthony McKay commented
          Editing a comment
          By 1938 the project had hit the rocks - the page I've seen is 1935 - 1937 optimistic.

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        The photo is in the 1937 edition.


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          Thanks Stephen - I should have said that I managed to get a copy - good old AbeBooks