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  • Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

    M.G.M. Had studios in Britain years ago. Subsidiary of the Hollywood M.G.M. Do they still exist ?

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    Well, except that MGM stood for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, not Mayor. MGM British had their studios in Borehamwood. But they closed in 1970 (according to Wikipedia)



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      And I'm guessing MGM would have had offices as well as Borehamwood to handle the distribution and marketing of MGM products in British picture theatres.


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        Yes, MGM did have some admin staff at Borehamwood, but their main London base was, I believe, in Soho Square. The cinema chain I worked for in the late 1960's posted their weekly takings returns to MGM.


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          Metro-Goldwyn -Mayer British Studios Ltd. and Metro-Goldwyn -Mayer Pictures Ltd. (distributors) were two distinct arms of the company.

          In the UK Jury Metro Goldwyn Pictures was taken over by Loews, Inc. - which they ran out of Jury's headquarters in Tower Street - and became Metro-Goldwyn -Mayer Pictures Ltd.

          During the war the film vaults were moved to Rickmansworth, but Sam Eckman (Loews London representative) squatted in the Tower Street offices until he was 'retired.'

          In April 1937 'Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios Ltd." moved into 'humble' offices at 14-16, Waterloo Place, S.W.1

          M-G-M British Studios also had offices at Denham Studios, where they made their films (they had their name over Korda's original main entrance door).

          In 1939 M-G-M British Studios closed and then re-opened to finish 'Bussman's Holiday' and closed again in 1940.

          Alexander Korda persuaded/insisted/bullied M-G-M to purchase the lease on a 5-storey house, 1 Belgrave Square. He had initially had his eye on Apsley House, the Duke of Wellington's residence on Hyde Park Corner. Korda moved in in August 1943, and although officially the headquarters of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer- London Films, Ltd., he treated it as his own personal palace.

          M-G-M British Studios held on to this building until the mid/late '50s after which it was sold. The Studios' story department hopped from office building to office building around Wardour Street until the early 1970s.

          At one time M-G-M Pictures had a publicity had an office Arlington Street and the M-G-M British Studios' story department was there another time.

          In June 1954 M-G-M Pictures took occupation of Metro House 58 St James's Place SW1.

          There was also, for a short time M-G-M Records on Dean street (M-G-M Records' UK business was handled by EMI other than for a short period during the 1960s).

          With the closure of the Borehamwood studio - Metro House was kept open for M-G-M Picture Ltd. while M-G-M British Studios Ltd. had new offices at Queen Street, Mayfair.

          There is quite a bit of early history here:

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            58 St James's Place, that's the address. Thanks Anthony for the correction, for some reason I had Soho Square on the brain.