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Hertswood Studios. Proposed studio to be built near Borehamwood

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  • Hertswood Studios. Proposed studio to be built near Borehamwood

    From today's Times:

    Britain’s largest film studio complex could be built north of London under plans announced yesterday.

    Hertswood Studios near Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, would comprise 21 stages, a million sq ft of film studios and an education facility to train the next generation of filmmakers, according to a planning application drawn up by Bidwells, a consultancy.

    The 90-acre site, equivalent to the size of 45 football pitches, is part of the Wrotham Park estate, which consists of 2,500 acres and a Palladian mansion owned by the Byng family. If approved, Hertswood Studios would be larger than Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

    Bidwells is understood to be in talks with several film studios and it hopes to secure funding and a development partner for the project over the next six months.

    The studios would be adjacent to Sky Studios Elstree, a 30-acre film and television studio backed by Legal & General, creating “the UK’s first film industry cluster”.
    International film and television production spending in Britain topped £2.3 billion in 2020, despite the initial impact of Covid-19, according to the British Film Commission. About three quarters of Britain’s film industry is based in and around London.

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    All rather ironic 50 years after MGM-British was closed!


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      Perhaps soon they will be using Tykes Water Bridge again for filming.


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        How many studios around London have closed down over the past few decades ?


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          Tigon Man

          Indeed, how long before some of the well known locations in Avengerland/Hertsmere are once again being used as filming locations?

          However, I think its going to be ore difficult than it used to be to take a main unit with many vehicles to film in villages like Ridge or Letchmore Heath.


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            I don't know if this link will work outside New Zealand, but it should give some idea of the crazy subsidy-driven economics which now dictate the use of studios in the industry.

            In a nutshell - one of our ministers crowing about how he negotiated more tax-payers money in order to secure promises of rainbows and unicorns for the man in the street.

            I might be cynical - but are the studio developers hoping that the British taxpayer will bankroll their new studios - if they can find the right idiots in parliament to woo?