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  • Netflix

    During the pamdemic, for the last couple of years, many individuals subscribed to this service. I did not, the cost, the fact they raised prices up, I declined to subscribe to their service. Now as we are heading into the summer months and start emerging from our homes, many individuals are canceling this service. Now several other streaming services have emerge, such as HBO. How well ha Netflix done in the UK?

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    I'll be honest it is one of the better services, other than Talking Picture or maybe one or two US shows I'm happy. Sky and Amazon are a waste of money and fortunately none of the other pay stations appeal to me. Again the British channels thankfully have very little to interest me,so basically I'm saying that I could live without a tv altogether!


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      I bailed out of Netflix a couple of months ago. In fact, as soon as they signed up Harry and Meghan I thought, what a waste of my money that is. And now they have signed up Mrs Rooney and will carry advertisements I feel vindicated. Netflix is a trash culture, apart from The Crown of course.


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        I don't blame you. Enough telly stations here in Canada have televised that interview with Oprah. Netflix is going to add advertisements to their programming. As you say trash culture, I myself enjoy The Crown. I understand that a DVD of that interview with Oprah may be available for sale soon. No way would I consider spending money on something of that sort of nonsense.

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      I'm in Canada (too) and quite a few Brits seem to prefer UK and/or the US version. Personally I think our version is fine. If I had no other streaming sources available I'd be pretty happy with it providing you can start from being a bit behind.

      For a while over here I had to make do with the odd Canadian gem like Da Vinci's Inquest (then his City Hall) or Intelligence and then The Border. Oh and The Romeo Section and the various 'procedural' cop shows like CSI from America.

      So if you can sign up, not having seen any (or much) Brit TV for a couple of years there's plenty to keep you happy. As well as a ton of other stuff too. By the time you've caught up with Hinterland or whatever, there's new stuff to see.
      The subscription price is well worth it.