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    I've read a lot about the lousy salaries of the Carry On team, but were they really that bad?
    Kenneth Williams used to get around £ 5000 for his roles, which taking for example the year 1969, would equate to about £91,000 in todays money.
    If you made two of these films a year, £10,000 or £182,000 for for 12 weeks work, that seems pretty good going.
    Of course we all know that Ken never saw the money, but sent it straight to HMRC!
    In comparison, my parents bought their first house in 1969 for £ 3000.
    I know some of the other performers got less, around £2000, but that would still enable you to live quite comfortably.
    Kenneth and particularly Kenneth Connor often griped about there income.

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    In 1970, a detached home in Toronto would set you back around 31 thousand dollars. Today, that same home, would set you back, over 200 thousand dollars. If you were lucky to find a home at that price.