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    I have been a devotee of this zany, farcical, rudish, low budget comedy franchise since the very first presentaion way back in 1958 with Carry On Sergeant about a group of Brit national service recruits.. In those days they were made in glorious black and white. It was not until 1962 with Carry On Cruising that audiences first watched the films in color. The last Carry On was Columbus in 1992 after a decade and a half break. There have been subsequent efforts to revive the series but nothing has come to fruition. The secret to the long success of the Carry On franchise was the strong, core ensemble cast of Sid James, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques and Charles Hawtrey. Steering the Carry On ship for all 31 films were producer Peter Rodgers and director Gerald Thomas. Among the best of the best Carry Ons in my view are Camping, Cabby, Cruising, Henry, Girls and Dick . What are your favorite Carry Ons BM members?

    The core cast members of the Carry On films.

    Is anyone interested in a Carry On quiz?

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    It may not be "cool" to say I love the Carry On films, but that's the truth, just for the sheer fun. Yes the dialogue was predictable, the production hardly original and the stories ridiculous, but that's what's on offer. I would say my favourite is Carry on Camping, but Up The Jungle comes close, even though Frankie Howerd seemed like a fish out of water. Not sure how well I'd do in a quiz, but they're always good fun. Count me in if anything comes of it.


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      Well I'm happy to say that I love the Carry On films - with England and Emmannuelle being the two weakest films for me personally. As for Columbus, even though it has "Carry On" in its title, I've never regarded this film as part of the series.

      I'd be struggling to pick a favourite in all honesty, but from the earlier Anglo Amalgamated films, I'd probably say Carry On Cabby, Screaming, Cleo, and Nurse.

      From the Rank series, probably Carry On Camping, Doctor, Again Doctor, Khyber, and Behind.

      These films were discussed quite a few times on the old forum and I'm always very happy to talk about them.


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        Love the Carry On's. If I were to pick three of my favourites it would be "Don't Lose Your Head", "Camping" and "Cabby", but there are a lot more close runners up. My least favourite is "Columbus" followed closely by "Emmanuelle" followed by "England".


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          My favourites are the "middle period" ones, running approximately from Cleo to Again Doctor. But others outwith that range Cabby, Spying and At Your Convenience are very good too. My least favourites accord with jch.


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            Carry on Cabby is a fave of mine also, has the addition of Liz Fraser and Cyril Chamberlain.

            Hattie Jacques character getting ready for a night out......."was it green (soap) for oily skin, or oily for green skin", lol.

            One of the Taxi's used in the film (and still in demand for period dramas today)..........


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              I'm afraid I grew out of them...


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                I only really enjoy some of the Anglo era ones. After Rank took over they just became cruder and cruder. The early examples were really just typical British comedies of their era and, of course, Carry On Sergeant was never meant to be the start of a series, just another entry in the Peter Rogers/Gerald Thomas portfolio which was made to cash in on the success of the ITV comedy The Army Game with a title ripped off from the previous year's Carry On Admiral. With the success of Sergeant they cashed in on the success of other TV genres with Nurse (Emergency Ward 10 with laughs), Teacher (Whack-O, Billy Bunter etc.), Constable (Dixon of Dock Green with laughs) and then ran out of ideas and came up with Regardless which is really a series of unconnected sketches.
                Carry On Cruising is an interesting one as all the previous entries had been based on situations that ordinary people would have experienced (National Service, the NHS, Schools, the Police). In 1962 Cruising was very much a high end holiday experience and few punters at the local ABC would have been on one (one must not confuse a cruise with a regular liner voyage which people tend to do today, even describing the Titanic as a cruise ship).
                After Cruising the series might well have ended. It is well known that the next entry, Cabby, was produced as Call Me a Cab and the title was only changed at the last minute (it is the first film in the series without title cards and the familiar Carry On music). I imagine that Jack was not originally meant as a Carry On either, lacking almost all of the regulars, but was just an amusing take on the recently released Mutiny On the Bounty and HMS Defiant. However, this led to the "film genre" series of Cleo, Spying, Cowboy and Screaming.
                Apart from Up the Khyber, I do not really care for any of the Rank era efforts.


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                  I am probably in a minority here, but Cleo and Cowboy are at the bottom end of my list as well. Oh, and Jack as well. But I like all the others.


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                    Screaming and Cowboy, the only ones I ever saw in the cinema as a boy. Brings back loads of memories


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                      Originally posted by chillingfilmania View Post

                      Is anyone interested in a Carry On quiz?
                      I certainly won't claim to be an expert on Carry On films, but yes a quiz would be interesting.


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                        Originally posted by chillingfilmania View Post
                        ...Is anyone interested in a Carry On quiz?...
                        I'm no fan of Carry Ons but I love quizzes!


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                          Great response from BM Carry On fans. I will create a quiz then. Can cover everything Carry On from characters to part time actors to producer and studio where the films were made and locations filmed. We can use a synopsis or a screenshot for the question. Shall I get the ball rolling?


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                            Yes, that would be good, perhaps it is time to dust off the dvd set for a quick refresh. lol


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                              Originally posted by Odeonman View Post
                              I only really enjoy some of the Anglo era ones. After Rank took over they just became cruder and cruder. The early examples were really just typical British comedies of their era ...
                              The Big Job (1965) from Anglo Amalgamated was a good example - although not a 'Carry On' film but could easily have been one. Directed by Gerald Thomas, and starring Sid James, Joan Sims, Dick Emery, and many other familiar comedy faces from that period.