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Paintings in Films (continued)

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  • Paintings in Films (continued)

    Original thread:

    Paintings in Films

    Herbert Lom as a devout Italian Catholic in Hell Drivers (1957):

    He's very much in my thoughts at the moment as the star of The Human Jungle, which I'm enjoying on DVD again.

    I've identified the painting as Our Lady of Pompeii/the Rosary. Several versions but this seems the closest match:

    In the famous portrait of Our Lady of Pompeii, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, our Lady is carrying Infant Jesus while handing a Rosary to St. Catherine of Siena. On the other hand, Infant Jesus is handing a Rosary to St. Dominic. Histories of the Holy Rosary often attribute its origin to St. Dominic. It is said that in 1208, Our Lady of the Rosary appeared to St. Dominic in the Church of Prouille, France, and entrusted the Holy Rosary to Him.

    (Queen of the Holy Rosary of Pompeii: The Story of Blessed Bartolo Longo and Our Lady of Pompeii)

    An attempt was made by an amateur to restore it, and it was placed in the church on February 13, 1876, the foundation day for the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary there. In 1880 the famous Italian painter, Federico Madlarelli, offered to restore the image. It was again finally restored by Vatican artists in 1965.

    University of Dayton [Ohio]: All for Mary - Our Lady of Pompeii

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_856.jpg
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ID:	3463 House that dripped blood 1971 , John Pertwee as the film actoor Paul Henderson . I wonder if this still exists , could be in Sean's attic



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      If this is the correct thread for "real" paintings, cornershop:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	green lady.png
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ID:	3615
      Michael Callan seems delighted to have found another of the green ladies in Gwendolyn Watts' flat in You Must be Joking! (1965). Sadly, it doesn't last very long when jealous husband Leslie Phillips returns home early.


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        Have to correct you there I'm afraid, Gerald. It is, in fact, Miss
        by the same artist, Vladimir Tretchikoff ("circa 1955"):

        The painting also appears in the same year's Edgar Wallace film Game for Three Losers:

        With Michael Gough and a vintage record player I hope to add to my latest thread

        Another memorable sighting of Miss Wong was in Performance (filmed in 1968):

        Kenneth Colley on the right. Who plays his 'wife' and child?

        I had to scan the DVD to make sure but can confirm that Miss Wong has a 'recurring role in the brilliant sketch show End of Part One as well. Her portrait is on the wall of the Straightmans' living room. I'll post that at the companion TV thread. Where have we seen "The Green Lady" though?


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          Click image for larger version  Name:	image_923.jpg Views:	1 Size:	24.7 KB ID:	3654

          If this is the correct thread for "real" paintings, cornershopGerald
          no need to be flippant

          no one explained this was for real pantings , sorry i'll throw in a real one then

          Abigails Party .
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            Don't think Geraldwas being flippant, only referring to actual paintings as opposed to ones specifically created for films (like the Pertwee portrait)

            Anyway, Miss Wong also appears in The Haunting, in Claire Bloom's flat. I always remember it with the mustache in an episode of Monty Python as well.


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              Thank you for your contributions, AlecLeamas. I also adopted that name (from The Spy Who Came In from the Cold) when I wrote a letter to Roy Pickard in 1985. He had a film review spot on Radio 2 at the time and answered listeners' queries. Mine was to do with home video collections. Of course, it has crossed my mind that he may be the brother of our Stephen. For the record, the Abigail's Party painting is Wings of Love by Stephen Pearson (1972).

              I must correct you as well, Dave. Miss Wong's blink-or-miss appearance
              is at the house Julie Harris (below) shares with screen sister Diane Clare:

              She can do no Wong. That's four sightings already!

              Diane Clare and Paul Maxwell, who played her husband in the film, seem to be everywhere at the moment. Having recently seen her in the film Lunch Hour, Diane popped up again yesterday in a fantastic photograph with latest Internet subject Maxine Audley and Jane Asher, a Summer Playhouse production. And in the last few days Paul has been a guest in Danger Man and, only last night, The Baron (his first episodes of both).
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                Thanks Cornershop-I couldn't recall exactly which scene the painting was in, only that Claire Bloom was in it. Paul Maxwell is one of my favorites, one of the first character actors I really noticed, first in Aliens (1986), then realizing what a long career he had.


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                  In Joy-Ride (1935), Paul Blake as Dippy Shepherd proves to be not exactly Faithful unto Death:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2017-12-09-12h01m38s778.png
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Size:	248.2 KB
ID:	51334

                  Unlike the soldier in Sir Edward John Poynter's 1865 rendition:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	edward-john-poynter.jpg
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Size:	61.4 KB
ID:	51335