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  • Labyrinth

    Anyone's "cup of tea"? Written by Terry Jones, loads of British stars (mainly voice-overs) and of course David Bowie. Filmed in Buckinghamshire.
    Amazing special effects, not much of a story but wonderful sets. Extreme escapism, a bit of music and dance and arguably an update of Alice in Wonderland. Time well spent unless you really hate fantasy, SFX or David Bowie. 'Takes all sorts...

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    Well, I do enjoy fantasy films Judge, but I must hold my hands up here and admit I haven't seen this film. I like David Bowie's music, although the only film I have seen him in that I recall was Absolute Beginners.


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      Good film but I prefer The Dark Crystal from 1982


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        Its seemed to bubble up on Film 4 a fair amount lately. Looks amazing (there is a bit with a unicorn which looks stunningly like the dream sequence from Blade Runner, which is no surprise), but not much warmth (ironically, since the 007 stage burnt down while filming it), and a bit pretentious. I think I've seen most of it through the years, but never from start to finish. Yeah, Dark Crystal is more watchable.

        I must admit to never haven seen the whole of Absolute Beginners either, although My Indecision Is Final is a pretty good book about the company. Thats a film/company which is ideal for a BBC4 documentary - I remember the Film 86 coverage, which made it sound like it was the make or break movie for the UK film industry - and it sort of broke.


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          Originally posted by Metro1962 View Post
          Good film but I prefer The Dark Crystal from 1982
          Fair point!