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Film Posters on Screen

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  • Film Posters on Screen

    I should have done this at the original Britmovie. Instead of mixing them with all sorts of posters, Film and Travel can have their own threads. Probably Health and Safety as well. What better way to start this one than with an image from one of my favourite TV shows, Undermind

    Rosemary Nicols and Jeremy Wilkin are asked by Garfield Morgan to accompany
    him to Vice Squad boss Patrick Allen in the episode The New Dimension (1965):

    On the left, a Royal Festival Hall poster promoting the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.

    But the *star attraction* is this British quad for The War Lover (1962), starring Steve McQueen:

    Only connection I've found between the two productions is that Patrick
    Allen was in the film High Tide at Noon - also directed by Philip Leacock.
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    A new thread for The Queen of Spades (1948) has reminded me that this
    French poster appears in the Ghost Squad episode Broken Doll (1961) ...

    I had to lighten my screencap quite considerably so doubt anyone would've noticed it in real time:

    Same with this image. The episode is set in Marseille:

    Originally posted on 25th August 2013 at '(Mixed) Posters in TV Shows':

    That's the French poster for The Siege of Pinchgut (1959), the last film to
    be made at Ealing Studios. The mystery lady turned out to be Janet Munro:

    In America it was/is known as The Four Desperate Men

    Also the last film I watched on TV - something I hadn't done for many years before my chance discovery on the London Live channel in 2015. I only went ahead with my viewing because I thought it might be some time before I get in on DVD. Two years later, it's still an expensive £11.94 at Amazon.


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      Patrick Whyte stops by a West Side Story poster at a railway station as he waits for Herbert Lom to
      return with some news about Leonard Sachs in The Human Jungle episode The Lost Hours (1963):

      West Side Story ran at the Astoria Theatre from 27th February 1962 to 18th December 1963.

      'Style E' according to the Movie Poster Shop website (formerly Movie Goods):

      Top left is the UK quad for Dr. No, which premiered at the London Pavilion on 5th October 1962:

      More from The Human Jungle in my next post.


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        In Dr Terrors House of Horrors (the story involving Roy Castle "Voodoo") there is a cinema with a film poster advertising........Dr Terror's House of Horrors.


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          Originally posted by cassidy View Post
          In Dr Terrors House of Horrors (the story involving Roy Castle "Voodoo") there is a cinema with a film poster advertising........Dr Terror's House of Horrors.
          With the twist being that it is advertising the 'Voodoo' segment of the film - with the names of the characters as the starring cast.


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            The Human Jungle - Struggle for a Mind (filmed in early 1964)

            Very Important Person (1961) is top right of the first screencap:

            Starring James Robertson Justice. The faces on the right are
            (from the top) Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter and Eric Sykes.

            In this version of the poster they are arranged in reverse order:

            The back-to-camera commuter, at Charing Cross Station, is Mark Burns. To
            his horror, he soon finds Joan Collins slumped at the bottom of an escalator.


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              Continued ...

              After he helps her up, the psychotic Joan walks away and starts to undress:

              The top poster is the UK quad for the recent What a Crazy World (1963):

              Wicked as They Come, however, was released in 1956:

              Another obscure 1956 film, Uranium Boom, features in Part 2. The rest are from 1961-63. Were the posters randomly selected and put up by the props department or were they already there when this was filmed? There is a connection between P.T. 109, The Chapman Report, We Joined the Navy and Days of Wine and Roses in that they were all shown at the Warner cinema.


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                Uranium Boom is above another copy of Wicked as They Come (both 1956):

                The same illustrations of the main stars, except that Patricia Medina is reversed:

                Mark Burns is following the trail of Joan Collins' discarded clothes as she continues her striptease in Charing Cross Station.


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                  The Human Jungle - Struggle for a Mind (Part 4)

                  Only the first half of this poster design for The Chapman Report is shown in
                  the top display (between P.T. 109 and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?):

                  Left to right - Claire Bloom, Glynis Johns, Jane Fonda and Shelley Winters.

                  If the detail on the first poster was a little clearer, I'm sure I would have identified the film
                  (looks like a dark haired man with his arms round a blonde in the inset picture). However,
                  I have established that below it is the title Father Came Too!, which reunited the stars of
                  Very Important Person & also included Sally Smith - who played Herbert Lom's daughter
                  in The Human Jungle. Was Father Came Too! part of a double-bill at the New Victoria?:

                  The commuters in the middle are Sheila Aza, Peter Roy and Alan Gibbs. At the
                  back is Movie Dude's Unknown Female 42 with Unknown Male 70 on the right.

                  The bottom left poster will be revealed in my next post. Beside it is The Servant:


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                    An alternative shot of the 1962-63 poster display at Charing Cross Station:

                    Unknown Female 42 again on the right, joined by another unidentified extra.

                    Bottom left is the UK quad for We Joined the Navy, starring Kenneth More:


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                      I've noticed that, as THE HUMAN JUNGLE was made for ABC Television, all the posters are for films that were originally released on the ABC circuit, except VERY IMPORTANT PERSON and WEST SIDE STORY, which, if I remember correctly, were released on the Rank circuit..
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                        DBF, I will later compile the release dates of all the films that were promoted in this episode. Curious, as well as intriguing, that two are from 1956.. Was it common to see posters from years earlier in tube stations?

                        This image is dominated by Joan Collins and Days of Wine and Roses:

                        Below it is The Chapman Report again, showing all four ladies this time.

                        I remember Joan looking at a fake poster of Gregory Peck in her early film Turn the Key Softly. She later starred with him
                        in The Bravados. Similarly, Lee Remick got to work with Joan Colins in a TV adaptation of The Man Who Came to Dinner.


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                          As she moves away, Joan reveals more film posters, including
                          "Lovers Must Learn" (the British title for Rome Adventure):

                          Days of Wine and Roses and The Chapman Report again on the right. Ironically, Jane Fonda and
                          Shelley Winters miss out again, despite this being the full poster. I can't make out what's top left, or
                          below the featured posters. I assume 'Don't go alone to (the cinema?)' is the tagline for a horror film.

                          Fortunately, I recognised the poster beside Lovers Must Learn as (the original) Ocean's 11:

                          Are they all Warner releases? That will make them easier to find in 1960-63 cinema listings.
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                            Originally posted by cornershop15 View Post
                            Are they all Warner releases? That will make them easier to find in 1960-63 cinema listings.[/CENTER]
                            Hello Cornershop. Interesting thread. Yes, they are all Warners releases.


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                              Originally posted by cornershop15 View Post
                              A new thread for The Queen of Spades (1948) has reminded me that this
                              French poster appears in the Ghost Squad episode Broken Doll (1961) ...

                              That poster is a gem - I would like to find a print.
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