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    Originally posted by Bonekicker View Post

    There was a discussion where the film cropped up a while back. I found the film a bit tiresome personally, but the poster was very striking. If I could get one as part of a bundle, then might be worth adding to the collection.
    i have also the original newspaper ads-A3 size!-from its first release together with all the newspaper reviews and many features. One of hundreds of films I have film profiles of from that and other periods.


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      Good work, Rowdon/Seaton, and Bonekicker.

      Film posters in 'Crossfire' (US, 1947)

      Detective Robert Young meets Gloria Grahame outside a cinema and escorts her back to her apartment:

      I was always sure, after lightening this tiny portion of the screencap, that the barely visible poster on the left has the surname of (Cary) Grant but couldn't find anything that matched his most recent films so it all depended on the mystery leading lady. The first women that came to mind were Ann Sheridan and Laraine Day. As soon as the search results came up for her film posters I found it! Mr. Lucky was released in 1943 - four years before Crossfire:

      The obscure Badman's Territory (1946), was the easiest to identify:

      Randolph Scott lived with Cary Grant for 12 years, apparently.

      Thanks to an IMDb contributor's recognition of Cornered (1945)
      (see Connections), I can complete a hat-trick of identified posters:

      Dick Powell appeared in films that featured both of the Crossfire stars: Gloria Grahame in The Bad and the Beautiful & Robert Young
      in Hollywood Hobbies. Robert also starred with Ann Richards (of Badman's Territory) in the equally unfamiliar The Searching Wind.

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        Originally posted by cornershop15 View Post
        The Human Jungle - Struggle for a Mind (filmed in early 1964)

        The back-to-camera commuter, at Charing Cross Station, is Mark Burns.
        It goes without saying that all these interiors are a studio mock-ups, rather than the actual Charing Cross station (now Embankment).