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    I created a second thread for vintage radios on screen not so long ago and still hope to do the same for televisions. This one is dedicated to other examples of Home Entertainment Equipment we've noticed in old film and TV productions - cameras, projectors, record players, tape recorders, etc. Please post your screencaps or descriptions here.

    I'll start with the reel to reel that appears in the opening titles of The Human Jungle (1963-64):

    From the episode Run with the Devil.

    Dr. Corder's re-corder is a Grundig TK40 (Germany, 1961-64):

    Many thanks to YouTube poster ventsi002 for the opportunity to see how this beautifully-constructed machine works:

    I recognise the first three tracks as Only One Woman by The Marbles (written by The Bee Gees), My Little Lady - The Tremeloes, and of course Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime. The latter was No. 1 in 1970 but the other two were Top 10 hits in 1968. Wish we could find out the date Grandad recorded these songs ... and where from.

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    Kay Walsh's tape recorder in The Witches (1966):

    Identified as the Philips EL 3553 (1965):

    All being well, this link will take you to the translated version of a Dutch webpage:

    EL 3553 -