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Night Train To Munich 1940

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  • Night Train To Munich 1940

    For those of you who are in London there is a very rare opportunity in May to see a screening of the Carol Reed film Night Train To Munich. As well as starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Lockwood, the film features Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne in their second outing as Charters and Caldicott. Due to the similarities in cast, the setting on a train and events leading up to WW2 in Europe, the film is considered as an unofficial sequel to The Lady Vanishes.
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    It's got some great lines in it like:
    Charters: I bought a copy of Mein Kampf. Occurred to me it might shed a spot of light on all this... how d'ye do. Ever read it?
    Caldicott: Never had the time.
    Charters: I understand they give a copy to all the bridal couples over here.
    Caldicott: Oh, I don't think it's that sort of book, old man.



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      Harrison couldn't be a Nazi as he played cricket for The Gentlemen.