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The Boys of Paul Street (1968).

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  • The Boys of Paul Street (1968).

    “THE BOYS OF PAUL STREET” (1968) a CinemaScope picture in Color by De Luxe released by 20th Century-Fox.

    I’ve heard a lot about this film over the years and how wonderful it is, but I’ve never seen it. It was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, with a mainly British boy actor cast who were veterans of British CFF films of the 1960s, including Anthony Kemp; Earl Younger; Mark Colleano and William Burleigh. It was released in the United States in 1969 to excellent reviews and is fondly remembered by those who went to see it at the cinema at the time, but, although it was submitted for classification to the British Board of Film Censors in June, 1969, and passed with a ‘U’ certificate, I can find no record of it ever being released to cinemas in Great Britain.

    I have just received into my collection from a specialist dealer the original American Front of House set of eight colour stills from the film (I include a scan of one of them with this upload). I doubt whether a British set was ever printed. About five years ago, a Hungarian DVD of the film with English subtitles was released, but that is now unobtainable. There has never been a video or DVD release of the English language version. It was Oscar nominated as Best Foreign Language Film of its year.

    Set in Budapest in the years prior to World War One, it tells the story of two local gangs of boys who covet an old building in their neighbourhood and fight each other for the right for it to become their headquarters. In a way, it is rather like the 1962 French classic “The War of The Buttons”, except that “The Boys of Paul Street” has a very tragic ending concerning one of the boys that, one IMDb member informs us, is a real Kleenex tissue moment. I shall continue to look out for the Hungarian DVD on eBay, in the absence of an English language version, as a subtitled version would be better than no version at all. I live in hope that one day, the English language version will be released on DVD.

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    March 1969


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      Thanks for that Anthony, an interesting news article. If it wasn't released in Great Britain, I wonder why, as the boy actors in it were all British.

      Has anyone got a Films and Filming or Kine Weekly from 1969 (post June 5th when it was passed by the BBFC) that has a review and release date for this film, so we can ascertain if it was ever released in this country or not? As a 20th Century-Fox film, it would have gone out here on the Rank circuit, but I can find no record of it ever having done so.
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        "The Boys of Paul Street" (1968) was actually a remake of the 1934 Columbia picture "No Greater Glory" starring Frankie Darro and George Breakston. Here is a frame from it.

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          I’ve just watched the Hungarian DVD of “The Boys of Paul Street” with English subtitles on a copy sent to me by an Internet friend and it’s a very good film, greatly enhanced by Anthony Kemp’s truly outstanding performance as Nemecsek. In fact, he’s wonderful in it and his performance really makes this unusual film. The last reel is truly heartbreaking. A great pity that it’s not freely available anywhere in the English language version. As it was a 20th Century-Fox release, couldn’t Odeon Entertainment pick it and give it an English language DVD release? BELOW: William Burleigh and Anthony Kemp.

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