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  • Top Films About Time Travel

    Got another infographic for you all here that is packed with information on some of the best movies to do with time travel. For each film featured in the piece you can view the UK release date, the mode of time travel and a take on whether or not there is a paradox.

    Click the link below to check it out:

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    My favourite film about time travel is The Flip Side of Dominick Hide, an episode in the TV series Play for Today (1970-1984).


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      Did you know that they made a sequel, Shirl? Another Flip for Dominick appeared in 1982.

      My favourite time travel drama was a gently brilliant little TV movie called "The Lorelei" (1990) starring Amanda Readman. Creepy and clever.


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        Yes I noticed it listed in the IMDb, Tonch, but I've never seen it.

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      Sorry to be boring but The Time Machine, with Rod Taylor, does it for me...


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        When I was nine and three quarters in January, 1957, I went to see a very popular film of its time, “WORLD WITHOUT END” in CinemaScope and Technicolor about a group of four astronauts, played by Hugh Marlowe; Rod Taylor; Nelson Leigh and Christopher Dark, who left Earth on a journey to Mars in 1957 and went through a time barrier and crash landed back on Earth in the year 2508. I was fascinated by the film and the explanation of time travel that suggested that if you could travel fast enough, at close to the speed of light, time in the space ship slowed down and, while minutes pass by for the astronauts, centuries are passing by on Earth. The plot of the film was very much like that of “The Time Machine”. So like it in fact, that Allied Artists were sued by the estate of H G Wells.

        Click image for larger version

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          Originally posted by zabadak View Post
          Sorry to be boring but The Time Machine, with Rod Taylor, does it for me...
          My favourite too ever since I first saw it as a kid, and even today with all its CGI effects, this 1960s film still has a certain magic about it for me. I didn't care as much for the remake from 2002, I have to say.

          Another time travel film I should include is the Malcolm McDowell film Time After Time, where he plays H.G.Wells travelling forward in time to catch Jack the Ripper.
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            I liked Millennium with Cheryl Ladd I thought the plot was very clever and she was easy on the eyes a beautiful lady.


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              I personally really enjoyed Primer and Timecrimes.